Thursday, April 3, 2008

Next Level and HNT

I got another solicitation from a friendly web pornographer. As you may have noticed, we've never done any ads here. Moreover we haven't joined anything, Sugasm, TMI Tuesday's, although I guess HNT qualifies as something. Here's the come on. And no, I haven't checked out these sites nor do I recommend them.

"Very nice site. I want to know if you are interested in a link trade. I am looking for an incoming link for from and am willing to do a two-way trade with that site but prefer a three-way trade also involving and/or Thanks."

I am both ignorant and non-plused. Then again, VSK claims some indian blood, I wonder if that last link has something for us. Anyway, if you wanna educate us or give some advice, go for it. I think that I am noticing a trend among adult bloggers. It seems like some have made their sites by invitation only and since I'm bad at making these types of link ups, they become dead to me as I can't get in to look without getting invited. I guess you are supposed to invite yourself. Seems odd to me.

As for what group I would like to be associated, I'd like to see a network of adult hotwife/cuck/swinging bloggers who would meet face to face every once in a blue moon to talk and maybe more about all things interesting. I wonder if any of you out there fancy such a thing. I know that personally I don't fancy getting a bunch of single males asking to meet because they know VSK is "available." But meeting couples would both blog would be fun I do believe. Just thinking out loud. Guess I have become the solicitor.

Have a nice day and a better weekend. HHNT!


Hank said...

we got the same solicitation. he followed up a couple times. it just smelled like scam to me so i ignored it.


SeaRabbit said...

Intriguing photo!!
And for the link trade, they are often spam. Nothing very interesting for any of us in there...

Richard said...

I wouldn't get involved. You are better off trading links within the circle of people that you usually read and comment on.

spekz said...
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spekz said...

I assure you all there is no scam involved. I am simply trying to grow my site by expanding my network through link trade proposals. If you notice most everyone who has received a unique greeting. I am not a bot, nor a scammer. Just an dedicated site not afraid. Would love to trade but writing to defend myself.

spekz said...
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spekz said...

and thank you VSK for being non-judgmental.

spekz said...

Hank, the email I sent was a proposal, not a solicitation.
Scams are bad business and generally bad for business.

Richard, what danger do you see in trading links with someone you dont have a pre-existing relationship with?

If the email recipients are not interested in my site, that is fine. I understand I cannot appeal to everyone. I can also understand being careful about scams. When evaluating my site, however, please consider:

1) my site does not have any form submissions through which we take visitors' information nor does it attempt to gain that information by any other means

2) my site has no pop-ups

3) I took the time to email site owners individually...and yes, I followed up individually... Not a bot.

Thank you VSK for allowing me to respond.

Best Regards

vsk witness said...


I leave town for the weekend and find out that I've incited commentary. Guess that is cool. I am not interested, but I always think communication is worthwhile.

I would have been happier if I came back to VSK confessing some sort of sheenanagans. But I am going to nail her silly tonight. We were both randy at lunch today. Absence makes the _____ grow harder

Richard said...

Spekz, I don't see any "danger", I just don't believe in trading links with sites that have different interests than I or my regular readers have..

spekz said...

VSK, I support that.

Richard, good point. Do you, or anyone else, have tips on individual bloggers I can contact, and/or more productive ways to approach contacting them, in order to trade links or have my site reviewed?


Penelope said...

It would be very cool to have a meet up of couples who have sex blogs... We'd go! (: