Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So, where were we…oh yes, tied to the bed, next to each other. We were instructed to not talk, so naturally I broke the rule right away, and received a smack on the ass for my transgression. SHE let out the softest of gasps, but Witness heard and meted out like “punishment” to her. So, quiet we became, except for our breathing. I could hear HER breath quicken and feel her body tense slightly so I knew that Witness was running his hands over her body; then he did the same to me, eliciting a sigh of enjoyment. It wasn’t long before Witness was manipulating both of us (something he later described as somewhat akin to juggling (left, right, left, right)). He was in seventh heaven, one girl on each hand! It was a very surreal and exciting moment for me, listening to HER moans of pleasure at the same moment I was experiencing similar thrills. It was like an out-of-body experience, HER moans were in response to Witness’s touch to me; my moans were in response to what SHE was feeling. We were one in those moments. Somehow our hands that were clipped together found each other, tentative touches at first, seeking to understand our “oneness” and our exhilaration, wondering what was next. Our fingers entwined, electric-like currents ran through our bodies, we were completely aroused! At some point we were released from our bonds, blindfolds removed, SHE and I looked into each other’s eyes. A kiss was suggested, we moved closer and partook in the suppleness of each other lips, tasted each other’s mouths with our tongues. Witness left the room to check on something and we were left alone to our own explorations. When he returned we were in the sweetest embrace, entwined and lost in one another. A soft and gentle and intense experience like I have never before had and that I look forward to experiencing again. We continued in our “afternoon delight” until it was time to leave. New adventures were had by the three of us. One of the most interesting things about our time together was how very comfortable and natural it all felt. Now my dreams are of the way HER lips and body felt pressed against mine; the taste of HER on my tongue; the desire to learn more about HER.

And now, we are heading off to “experience” more…I’ll write soon.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

VSK with more of the story herself...

Witness had an opportunity. How could I deny him? In our forays into the world of sharing, the males have been more likely to take the bait than females, hell, only males have really been landed. So, when Witness asked if he could make plans I could only give my assent. There has been quite a bit of soul searching and striving to understand that there is nothing more than desire. Witness has a past history of letting his heart and emotions move forward. This was indeed a worrisome aspect of his adventure. The jealousy that presented itself was an uncontrolled emotion for me. The neediness that was brought forth from his action was foreign. We have had many nights of discussion and I have required, needed, demanded, repeated proof that there is nothing more than a desire to explore, that his heart is still with me. Certain rules were bent, certain not quite truths were asserted, certain understandings were allowed to move in a misdirection. We have managed to move forward.

Witness was teasing me and making up fantasies, testing the waters if you will. He was suggesting a scenario he would like to happen. Then, with two days notice, he told me that SHE was coming to town and he would like us to meet. Well, we had quite a long night into the wee hours of the morning. We discussed and argued; the fierceness of my love for him came through and we made love. As I lay there, later, listening to his not so soft snores (sorry love, it is true), I resolved that this meeting should happen and it should be on my terms. So, I made plans. And the next day I prepared a script of sorts.

And a box of surprises. When Witness arrived home that evening, the box was positioned on his side of the bed. He was curious and I shared my idea and set some ground rules. There could be no display of tenderness to HER, this would only make the green-headed monster rise from my depths. He seemed to like my plan (hee, hee). So...the next day we picked HER up from the meeting place. He and I greeted her and opened the back door of the car. I went around to the other side and also sat in the back seat. After some brief exchange of typical pleasantries I let her know that I was nervous and that I imagined SHE was as well. So I suggested some drinks (I had orange juice and vodka at the ready). She agreed. Half way home, Witness pointed out the box that was between HER and I. She was curious and a bit "terrified" about its contents. Witness told me to open it and help her with the contents. I opened the box and lifted out the first pair of cuffs. They are neoprene with velcro and a latch that connects the two. I put one on her left arm and was rather excited to see her breath catch and, as I noted her excitement, I put the other on my right arm. Witness told me to continue, so I took out the second set of cuffs and put them on our other wrists. Then I refreshed our drinks!

Upon arrival at the house, Witness led us inside. He handed a blindfold to HER and told her to put it on while he sent me to find the other one. When I returned SHE looked very cute in her awkwardness, not sure what to do with her hands, not sure what would happen, and very much curious. Witness blindfolded me and then left us standing in the entry, standing alone. She whispered to me that she couldn't believe she was here. I took her hand and said let's go sit down, I know the way without sight. Witness came back and we had a bit of nervous chat and giggles. Then Witness commanded that I take her upstairs. She was concerned about the stairs and I told her I would not lead her astray (ha!). In our room, Witness disrobed each of us and had us lay upon the bed, face down. He tied us to the bed, next to each other.
To be continued...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Its coming

VSK informs me that she is working on a post. In the meantime, I'll be working on her. I sent this pic to a friend, who's now smitten with VSK. So, happy belated HNT. This weekend should be promising as well, maybe she'll post. I know I'll be working the camera.
Have a great weekend!