Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tie them up and beat them

I never really thought much about bdsm until the kitten and the minx showed me how they wanted to be treated. Much about the "swinger" world seems to be about surrendering something to somebody. And the keeper of the keys to pleasure has to be OK with being in charge or it really doesn't work. Where does that mutual trust come from?

The first step in my experience was noting that I was aroused by the kitten cheating on me. Cheating is a cruddy way to put it, because it takes us all back to ownership. And ownership has a tremendous freight in this country, to make a big point lightly. I'm not interested in proving ownership with kitten, yet its undeniably true she belongs, and wants to belong, to me and me only. When she cuckolds me, it is both not a big deal and a fascinating power play. I really am controlling her to some extend and she gets nailed.

There's a thesis in there somewhere but this is a sex blog. You can't think about it too much to enjoy it a whole lot. It works. What we have works really well, and we enjoy play when it comes to us. Chasing it doesn't seem to work as well, the cat can grab its tail but its more fun grabbing somebody else's. Something like that.

Now when the minx showed up there was some interesting change in the firmament. The minx wants to be dominated, she craves it. In a couple of days I am going to literally tie her up and punish her for transgressions imagined and real. The kitten may help or she may want the same treatment. Either way its back to me being in control. And of course its not as simple as that but I couldn't help but notice that there is really not a whole lot of psycho-sexual difference between tying them up and beating them and watching VSK suck or get fucked right in front of me. Both are delicious in my pervy brain. And this Friday I get to scratch my itch(es). I am, as Piper pointed out, a lucky man.

Side note: if any of you bloggers have gotten an interesting proposition emailed to you in the last couple of weeks, I'd love to hear your take on it. Email me

Ok, here's your pic you naughty boys and girls.

PS. It is always a hoot to go thru airport security with cuff restraints and dog collars. They often run it through twice and you see this look go across their eyes. But they don't usually say a word. The last time I ended up joking with a bald 6'6" giant macho screener about wearing dresses. Freaks of the world, unite!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is the wife still hot? HNT proof . . .

I have noticed that some of our old visitors and commenter's have disappeared or left for warmer climes. This may directly correspond with my focus on the Minx, and VSK's appearance with a female lover. Just because we have posted pictures of another woman and enjoy the FFM experience, doesn't mean hotwifing, heterosexual style is out to forever lunch. VSK's exhibitionist tendencies were on full display last weekend, to the chagrin of some of our milder friends, (or shall we say more repressed??!!) and I have a fuzzy pic or two to prove it. I frankly loved her craziness, but she still possesses some latent Catholic inclinations. Sin is more fun if it feels like sin I say.

I enjoy the interaction of our readers, and I suppose I am a bit of a comment slut. To that end I include pictures but I suppose requests would even be more interactive. We have active lives with too much work going on, but I will listen and entertain requests for images or stories or questions about our shenanigans. And no worries, we aren't going away. VSK mentioned that she thought she was ready to take a trip to a well-known SCal swing club, sorta a birthday present for me. Given her recent high-jinxes, that should solidify her status as a hotwife. As if it needed solidifying . . .
BTW, in this blurry shot VSK is giving a lapdance. Not one that was solicited mind you, but never-the-less one that was enjoyed.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

HNT: Vegas Baby

The Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas has these cool little mirrors over the beds, which are canted slightly downward, to afford some nice views presumably. Lovely effect don't you think?

We are definitely going back. The place is not too big, the music makes it feel like home to me and the food (at least at AGO the Italian restaurant) is terrific. VSK is still laughing about the two guys in who she started flirting with next to playmate and me. They couldn't tell she was with us so as I come around the slot machine one guy is kissing her belly. She says, "oh there's my husband." Guy almost got whiplash. We spent a fair amount of time watching the dancers who, while clothed in chaps and bikinis, were amazing hot.

Eagles of Death Metal was great, btw. Got to meet frontman Jesse Sunday, just bumped into him while leaving. Great frigging weekend!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dancing for the boys . . .


Witness, Playmate and I had a bit of fun recently. After watching some basketball at a local brewery, we returned to our house and no one was home. We had a round of drinks in the front room. The boys wanted some entertainment, so I put on my high heels and gave a little modeling show. First I came out in my naughty skimpy dress(1), which was well received, and then I pranced around in some of my little negligees(2,3). Witness put on some music that he knew would encourage me to dance. Where is a stripper pole when I need one? I used the doorway to steady myself as I did a bump and grind, and generally dirty danced for the two. Then I moved in on Playmate to deliver a bit of a lap dance. Knowing that Witness was seated across from the action watching, seeing the excitement rise in Playmate and being able to view my reflection in the window behind him really got me going. I would move in oh so close and each time he tried to touch me, I would dance away to just outside his reach. He had the audacity to call me a tease! Eventually I allowed Playmate to remove my barely there panties. He was in full need to be relieved of his pants by then, so I assisted. And then I took his cock in my mouth, making sure that Witness had a good view of my ass and of what I was doing to Playmate. Mmmm, it was all so fun. The temperature definitely rose in the room. Unfortunately, we heard a car and one of the kids came home. Playmate and I retired (hid) in the guest room and Witness ran interference. Poor Witness didn't get to watch the grand finale. It was delicious!



Thursday, February 5, 2009

Teasing HNT

VSK keeps one of her boys, who will remain unidentified, in arousal with pics like this sent from the camera phone. This was part of a series one evening, which ended in me banging her an sending a picture of the aftermath (which was less compelling than you might think). She took this pic herself, so there's that too. Drunken horny texting is probably not a recipe for quality art, but sometimes its the accidents that happen that capture the moment best. This weekend we are going to Vegas to see a band we love, and generally debauch. We went to see them very recently and after the show was over playmate and I lost VSK to the disembarking patrons. When we found her (not outside, where the fuck is she!!) she was standing in front of the stage talking to some blondish youngster. And I got jealous, ha! Nice to know that vibe is still functioning. Rock on!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

By request

Minx liked this picture, although it looks a lot better on a cellphone than a computer screen. Seeing it live and in person is considerably better still. This all reminds me that the brain is a funny device, filling in reality with suppositions whenever it is starved for input. I think everybody has had those moments when they "saw" something only to find, on closer inspection, that what they thought was a stunning brunette was actually a skinny hippie boy wearing a ponytail. A quick glance can actually be more alluring that way.

Close inspection has its place. The shocking red haired bartender, female variety, serving VSK and I Friday night was such a perfect example of pulchritude and physionomic perfection that I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Lucky for me she had the personality of shitzu or I would have started fawning. I find myself scanning the faces of women more carefully these days, being in the position of having the Minx and the Kitten inspecting me rather carefully seems to have caught on in my day to day interactive activities. I am reining in my flippancy lest I talk myself into some sort of trouble with "the ladies." The two of them will occasionally gang up on me, and not only for my erotic entertainment.

But the sick part of it is, I like to get their goats. Nothing seems to get the Minx more enraged than some causal mention on my part of looking for a new feline to enjoy. She is protective toward VSK, and she might even enjoy watching someone besides me nail my wife, but should I mention I am having lunch with a friend, platonic variety even, her blood begins to boil. Selfishly I wouldn't mind living in a Big Love kind of environment, only one with some hot girl on girl activities, and have suggested mostly facetiously that the Minx and VSK should do the picking. Like that will ever happen. Of course, I never really believed that someone as easy to get along with as the Minx would come along nor could I have fathomed that VSK would have decided that the best way to handle her jealousy would be to embrace it, literally. I think it was Scott over at Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse that said something about turning your issues into turn-ons. That seems right to me, and it pretty much is the essence of most fetish fun. Its probably a larger truth that belongs in a different kind of blog as well. We Americans seem to do this to most things most of the time.

Writing this I wonder if contentment and passion are really two things that go well together. I can say I am content now, and yet when I get that brief glance of some other fine woman I get churned up. To "cool my jets" I find that thinking about having my two fine felines next to me, one under each arm their faces resting on my chest works pretty well. I mean, where would the third one go anyway?