Monday, September 29, 2008

Full Circle

The summer of 08 has been one that has brought our relationship back to the beginning of where it started. The first year of our relationship was heady, and within 7 or 8 months of our meeting I was fast at work trying to complicate and nearly wreck what has become the cornerstone of my life. I was young and dumb and idealistic: I thought it was possible to love more than one woman at a time. What I really wanted was cake, and the time to eat it too. So we loved and fought and somehow VSK forgave me enough to move forward and I decided that I could not live without her. That much I got right.

28 years later, I would not argue that it is possible to love more than one woman, but it very well might be possible to have more than one woman to make love to. That is, after many years of trying, I finally met somebody who wanted to be with me. Its not that I'm chopped liver, but I do better with girls who are friends than girlfriends. I am Mr. Safe. I know no means no. Finding a playmate was something I wanted to do, but while I had a couple of close calls, mostly it was no dice. VSK found a few takers, we had a lot of fun and I stopped thinking about it too much. Stuff happens when it is ready to happen.
When VSK found out that I had plans, potential and possibility, it tore at her. Romance is different than "playtime" and she wondered if I was going to go back to my bad old self, letting another woman into my heart in such a way that she felt excluded, diminished. I tried to mollify her, comfort her, remind her that no woman could possibly replace what we had experienced together. Some moments my efforts seemed to work. Some times VSK railed at me, questioning my honesty. Was I up to something? Was I telling her everything? Could she trust this new woman? Would she have to?

I thought that the two of them needed to meet, and an opportunity arose. Two nights before my friend was to arrive, VSK and I fought into the wee hours of the evening. At some level I thought my fantasy was over. At another level I resolved to wait and see. VSK surprises. And she loves me fiercely, something our late night battle captured with near frightening clarity.
The next morning, VSK put a shoe box on the bed. In it were four restraintes, meant for binding a person to a bed or maybe a piano. She explained to me what she thought we might do, as the plan was for us to pick up and meet my friend. I was surprised. I still felt a fair amount of trepidation, but the plan to have fun seemed right. This was jumping in the water without testing the temperature. A big step but logical. Sometimes you just have to rip the bandage right off.
I'll leave the rest of the story to VSK. It was, without a doubt, one of the most memorable days of my life. This is not the end of the story.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes, Master

I have been ordered to write a post and to include 4 pictures. As you know, I like to please. And that, along with the threat of no physical contact if I don't do as I am told, encourages me to be obedient.

We had one of those fantastic weekends; a house all to ourselves and plenty of time to do as we please. Of course we had to keep up on our "batting average" (since July 4 we have only missed 5 days). We spent most of the time engaged in this kind of activity:

We also continued to explore the fantastical world of BDSM. There is a tremendous amount of trust that goes along with this kind of play. I find it a huge turn on. Witness tested my obedience, and I tested my compliance. A very good friend was over for a visit, I went to retrieve something from the bedroom and Witness snuck in behind me. He stripped me, put on the blindfold and restraints and led me to the living room (gulp) and tied me up in full view. He announced that I was the toy for the afternoon while they watched sports, drank beer and played with me whenever they wanted. I felt very exposed laying there, knowing they were looking at me, wondering what would happen. I had to let go of traditional concepts of privacy and self-protection and chastity. I could feel my pussy pulsate and dampen. Witness said from across the room that he could see me getting wet. The anticipation and waiting for the first touch was nearly tortuous.

Our friend had to depart after just a little while, so Witness rolled me over

And rewarded me with a spanking. Here is a glimpse of my punished self (this is the tamer picture):

I think my favorite parts of a spanking are the heighten awareness just before the first swat, the going out-of-my mind during the smacks, and the release of the endorphins as the skin tingles and burns afterward. Kinky and fun!

Now that I have done as commanded I wonder what will be my reward?! (Oooo, I posted 5 pics--bonus!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Piano Love

This last weekend, VSK had one of her fantasies slightly, if not well, realized. She has been encouraging me to tie her up, and she likes a fair bit of a spanking, as the last post alluded too. She has always had that "I want to please" personality and its taken stupid ol' me a long time to see that as what it might become sexually. Others see it in seconds and you can image the flies and larger insects it does attract. Sometimes she attracts a dragonfly. Sometimes ladybugs. Lately its been drawing me like a moth to a flame.

It is stunning how much burn damage a man can take. Or two men. VSK likes the idea of being blindfolded and tied up, and knowing my eyes aren't the only ones in the room. She gets so aroused it dumbfounds me. Days later it becomes an easy rush to rally to, and every day now for weeks there has been sex. Some days she want to practice her oral skills, sometimes she wants me to seek some rare area to ravish. You get the picture. And I'll get the picture on the dang post here as soon as I get them properly downloaded. Stay tuned . . .