Thursday, January 29, 2009

Half? We don't need no stinking half . . .

Something about Thursdays makes me randy. Do we make you horny baby? At least the minx has a collar on . . .

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What to write

I have written recently about searching for some new blogs to read. I then leave comments on the ones I enjoy or find meaningful and honestly hope they might take a gander at CMVSK. Matt, over at "Tending the Fire," was nice enough to read over our old posts, pick one out and link it back in his latest post. Home run. I really like the joyfully sexual nature of his writing and the parallel perceptions I find he and his wife Brenda's life experiences. And for reminding me of that post I wrote last year which was full of frustrated rage at how folks didn't get a show like Swingtown that has now been cancelled, I thank him even more. Occasionally I get it right, and Matt reminded me of that. Thank you!

Knowing what to write is the essence of a "successful" blog and I don't know if I consider this blog that successful, if we are to judge by number of hits and links. I see that Shared Cindy is over 1 million hits and I am fucking blown away. I don't do things I ought to like "Sugasm" or post every other day or do every HNT, TMI Tuesday or wtf? I am not a very good "joiner" in of such things so CMVSK is going to continue to be what it is, whatever that is. I think of it as commercial free filth, with a little philosophy thrown it. And I think that I couldn't do it unless I got to address some sort of meat beside the pieces that VSK gets mounted by. Those are key, but I am convinced that there is a general trend in our American society toward greater flexibility and experimentation, and that this trend is a good thing. Anyone one who watched TV on Tuesday certainly saw an example of what some "flexibility" can bring to our lives. I know it moved and moves me.

Now to the pic, here's an oldy but a goody. A redo can be a good thing. Sorry, no clothes, its all nekkid Thursday at CMVSK.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another fun time for all

Whatever the identity of this blog may seem to be, I'm thinking there needs to be some revisions. I can crow about how I had an unbelievable evening with the Minx and VSK over the weekend and show some pictures. That is what some visitors may expect. Others may want to get into the heads of one or two or three of us and get some sort of charge or understanding of why we do what we do. I tend to think that what I think is about the least interesting thing in this blog, maybe because I am a man and as far as these deals go its sorta assumed that we are hounds. If I share VSK with a man it has some frisson that her sharing me with a woman doesn't have. But honestly that is where we are right now, even if VSK did do a little dance with one of our male playmates the other day. We are really into the Minx.

To be fair, VSK enjoys the Minx but she'll always reserve the right to be jealous should she think my affections have wandered too far from home. She surprised me the other night when I got her to confess that one of her previous male lovers really did it for her and she'd have cheated on me given the chance. I think her admitting this shows why she fears me being too much into the Minx, I think she should admit that she likes certain men in ways the mess with some of her fantasies about me being the magical one. It makes me crazy of course to hear her admit something that I think a lot of her male lovers secretly think: they have the magic cock. But I know that there is one guy who really does, and this makes me want to encourage her to make that happen. It won't, cause his wife dislikes me enough and is worried enough that her man, whom she used to share, shan't be shared again. But things may change, I can always hope.

Ah the tangled webs of love. Being tangled up in these two is a tangle I can vouch for. So here I go bragging again. My apologies. Here's my penitence . . .

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

VSK gets it next

Our last month has been busy, so assume the usual excuses for not posting more. It was a bit of a letdown to not get more comments on the last post as it introduced the Minx's perspective on our sexplay. But I see we now have some great ones so maybe it proves that the readers were on hiatus too. VSK and I get to see the minx soon and we are gearing up for it, each in our own way. For me, I get off thinking or looking at VSK in various stages of en flagrante delicto. The minx is a planner, so she plans. VSK just likes to know that she is the queen of all my dreams, which she is, and to remind her I fuck her silly. Last night was lovely as after we got done watching a smaltzy movie (The Bucket List) she got all sultry and I ended up nailing her from behind with some sort of wicked abandon, something culled from the past and the future I suspect. Here's a pic of her tied and beaten bottom, and another which is an outfit the minx gave her for a holiday present. There will be more presents shared soon, and I can hardly wait. Sorry I've made readers of this blog wait so long for an update.