Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year End(s)

Ah,that's too easy. Its been a very very interesting year, 2009. And 2010 promises to be ever more interesting. I've got a pile of major projects coming at me, like baboons on crack, that'll I'll need to dodge and weave through if I am going to make the progress I have in mind. We are planning several rendevous with Minx in the coming year and that does much to take the pressure off. So here's to another great year and more rear to come. Something like that. And happy HNT while I'm at it.
Oh, btw, the song lyrics are from Ian Dury. I'll come up with something less obscure next time.

Monday, December 21, 2009

and a little bit of that, ho ho!

Can you tell me who lyrics I've been cribbing? Nah? Its OK, I'm feeling obtuse and a tad grumpy. VSK needs a good licking, and not like the one I gave her yesterday. Time to get out the paddle and let her know that I am displeased. Very displeased. She knows why. Its good to know that there are simple solutions to these yuletime problems.

BTW, if you can tell me who the lyrics are from (the last two posts) I'll send you a custom pick (your request, don't ask for the physically impossible or identifiable). Keep in mind this offer expires 12/25.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A little bit of this

A quick jaunt to a big city. Blindfold Minx and bind her to a chair. Take off the blindfold and force her to watch as VSK sucks me, and then I fuck her mouth. Flip over my wife and fuck her so that Minx can watch me pound her, again and again. Don't forget to pull lots of hair. All this and more, but no cameraman. Oh, they say they want to but . . .

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This post makes the 150th post on CMVSK. We have been crazy busy, but the upcoming months should prove to be fun and hopefully camera worthy. Here's an old pic, retouched. I have no real talent but the subject is full of something special. I think I'll keep playing with different pics from this series as it was a favorite. Bondage is something we play with more than rely on, but I know if I really want to make her a quivering mass bendable to my will, a little restraint and some spanking seem to do the trick. We get to see the Minx briefly soon, and I have a little surprise in mind for both of them which will involve all of the above. I could sure use a cameraman though . . .