Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So we have been busy

I love having two women to deal with, to woo, to make love to. At first blush, what man would not want such an bounty? Still our Vegas party was demanding in a way, and frankly I felt like I wasn't performing well enough. I'm supposed to be an unlimited amount of desire, correct? I'm supposed to always to be able to rise to the occasion. Super stud, that's me, oh yeah.

Oh such bullshit is not what I have ever been about. We partied very hard night one in the city of sin, on the 17th floor, on the corner, the perfect view of the world and what not. And I couldn't, didn't, wouldn't anyway I failed to be the stud that I was supposed to be. And the bitches, lovers that they are, could care less. Sorta. Basically. They waited, like the little predators they really are. Were. Can be. It was OK.

And then, back at the hotel room, the moment in bloom, my cock buried deep in the Minx, ms. VSK with a vibrator between her legs, egging my on I found myself so completely in the moment, so committed to the feeling, coming , that I was wondering if I was going to survive this orgasm because it was as if I was being pulled out of myself, gone to everything I assumed I was. Would this stop? This little minx beneath me, would she be a permanent member of my life, my hopes, my dreams? Shit if I know right?

As the normality of VSK and my everyday existence takes over, those few moments in Vegas recede and we go back to being normal folks. And yet I want them both, together, my women, working toward the impossible and being, in the end, my best friends in the world.

So yeah, we had some fun in Vegas. What else is new? Have a great day my friends!