Monday, December 15, 2008

The Minx's Perspective

VSK here: Last weekend was so comfortable, wonderous, pleasing and fun. Walking the streets together after dinner we could feel the love in the air. One couple wandering about in front of us even turned and asked "so, how many people are going to make love tonight? 20% you think?" It was an amusing and interesting question, and of course we three gave them that knowing smile; emitting that "let's make it so" vibe. So entrancing! And so connecting.

We have a guest writer for our post tonight. Our own little sexy minx did a bit of journaling and has graciously agreed to let me share her words. I very much love the sensual way in which she retells our lovely encounter that foggy, stay-in-bed morning and I really enjoyed reading it in her voice, hearing her insights, feeling the warmth all over again, simply feeling. Left me breathless, as she frequently does! Please enjoy--

"I woke to see the first light of morning slowly illuminating our room. Hearing their soft breathing next to me, I knew they were still asleep...but I couldn't sleep anymore. Not wanting to wake them, I let my mind wander back to the night before. My memories were more sensual than visual, remembrances of touches and embraces than of images. I drifted, content..."

"Half-sleeping/dreaming, I heard Witness move and then felt him leave the bed. VSK stirred a little, making a sweet sound - half moan, half sigh, and I smiled to myself but kept still. I could hear Witness moving around in the bathroom - then sleepily stumbling back to the bed which dipped a little as he climbed back in, and I could feel him slide his body over Kitten's. I finally turned my head and found him staring at me with that look - that very devilish look I had hoped to see. "You awake?" Kitten murmured to him, her eyes still closed. But I could see her body undulating towards his. He rubbed himself against her like a snake."

"'How could I sleep with two beautiful, naked women in bed with me?' he said softly. I giggled. I saw his eyes wander over my breasts, and instinctively arched towards him. But he knew not to touch, not yet. Last night I had been hungry for sensation, and had eagerly sought mouths, tongues, cock, pussy - but this morning I wanted to live out another fantasy. I wanted to watch."

"I don't know that my friends have any idea how much I enjoy being voyeuristic, but I've always been a visual person - and this was a sight to behold. As Witness began to kiss his beautiful VSK, I turned on my side to watch. I loved the sight of his tongue invading her pretty pink mouth, the sounds she made as he kissed her roughly. He moved down and sucked on one pert little nipple, making it hard and extended - amazingly sexy to me. Down he went, until at last he buried his face between her legs. I gasped to see his tongue lick just below that small tuft of blonde hair, and to hear her moan simultaneously. God, this was turning me on. It was as if I could feel everything that she was feeling, every lick and suck. Witness's eyes were riveted on Kitten's face, and I turned to look - she was stunning. Head thrown back, mouth open, eyes squeezed shut in absolute pleasure. I realized I had turned on to my back, and was mimicking Kitten's body movements as if they were my own. Entranced by what I was seeing, I was suddenly surprised to feel Kitten's hand between my legs. I opened, and she rubbed my clit slowly - eliciting a true moan from me. I saw Witness's eyes rove from her to me, back and forth, obviously enjoying the show he was getting. He moved suddenly, rising up and mounting her. Kitten's hands continued to fondle me as he started to pump his hard cock into her pussy. His cock looked so good, glistening wet from her juices as he pounded. Oh, god, I thought, I'm gonna cum..."

"He slowed then, his thrusts more languorous as he looked at Kitten's hand on me. 'Is she ready?' he whispered to her, as if I were just a plaything laying there for their enjoyment (I was). I was so wet I was dripping."

"'Oh, she's ready...' she smiled."

Monday, December 8, 2008


When I first started down the path toward sexual experimentation, I found a blog, Naked Loft Party, that really impressed me. The writer, Lex, is really quite talented, and he and his girlfriend and now wife live quite an interesting existence in New York City. At first, I found much of his "sexual ideology" based on a somewhat biased masculinity, looking down on us cuckolds who got off on seeing our wives play. As VSK and I have moved along, Lex has moved toward more typical swinging and beyond his usual modus operandi, which usually consisted having his girl pull another woman into their orbit for them both to enjoy. Not that Lex didn't pull his fair share of women, but women seem more comfortable playing with a new man if another woman is available, whether it be simple proximity or something more.

VSK has a bit of the green monster in her, and its been a fairly long while coming for her to be open and interested in playing with another woman. This last weekend brought a visit from a little minx, and it solidified in my mind and hers a configuration that we feel most comfortable at the moment playing in. This is not to say that having another man around couldn't be fun, but men are somehow more difficult. Maybe we're just changing.

Saturday night we went out to a great restaurant. We had spent a nice afternoon in bed. I'm not a blow by blow writer, but I will say that nothing is more enjoyable for me than having one then another lover take turns on you, and having them both work to get you off. Some selfishness in the bedroom is not always a bad thing.

For the evening, I had VSK and the minx both wear the matching collars I had picked out befitting such proud felines, and because they weren't too ostentatious, most folks, including our server, seemed not to notice. After the meal we all needed to walk off a few calories and eventually ended up in a famous local bar. Finding a space at the corner, the two sat to my right, the minx in between VSK and I. The bartender was a Goldie Hawn doppleganger, in both looks and attitude, and we were soon rollicking thru some whiskey and singing along to the two piece band playing the 80's greatest behind us. VSK picked up a parasite within about four minutes, a harmless drunk on the way to a divorce. I eyed her wondering if she wanted rescuing, and the minx slapped his hand away from her a time or two, but in general she can handle herself. And then he saw her collar.

The effect the collars had on everyone who noticed them was amazing. The Harmless Drunk was stupidly fascinated, but it was the women who were most curious. When they walked off to the bathroom two young women approached them, and asked "what's with the collars?" VSK and the minx tried to tell them, "we're trying to start a fashion trend," to which the questioners responded, "no, really." Two women sitting across the bar from us spotted our triad and it was amusing to see first some disgust on their faces turn into a new emotion, their focus on my partners relentless. A couple sat next to me on my left, and I was elevated to even a higher plane as the beautiful wife on my left started chatting with me. Her husband hadn't noticed the collars and interestingly grabbed the chain around her neck and twisted it slightly. I tapped him on the shoulder and then turned and gently put my finger through the ring on the minx's collar. "You need one of these."
This was interesting, watching other minds churn with possibilities. And then the husband noticed that VSK had a collar on and it was all over for him. He had been standing the whole time we had been drinking there, and his wife got up to go to the bathroom at about the time he noticed the collar(s). He was literally stunned, and had to sit down. I'm not sure what his actual words were but it was something on the line of "no way." The girls laughed, and at some point we sealed the deal with me first kissing VSK, then the minx and then they each other. I guess it was showboating but we just didn't give a damn. We were giddy and warm with each other and the couple on our left, plus the HD's somewhat pathetic pawing just knocked down our inhibitions. The wife to my left was casual about the whole thing, and I found that I really liked our new friends, my never ending search for converts to the cause now aroused by the possibility of connecting somehow with them. I excused myself and her husband said to the girls, "this is the greatest night ever." I was content to find them gone after I got back from the bathroom, leaving us to say goodbye to their friend of who had joined our little group at the tail end of our evening at about the time the veil was coming off our little scenario. Perhaps he put it best when as we left he simply said, "I wanna go where you're going."

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tech lovers . . . sorta

Technology, as much as anything, has opened up possibilities in VSK and my relationship. With our first forays into becoming a play couple we found that the difficulty of creating an online persona and becoming digital simply made us look like fakes. The game was skewed toward the young as technology and fresh faces shine brighter in the visual economy that backs much of the alternative lifestyle world. This blog is so easy compared to what we used to try to accomplish at AFF that we are only mildly discomfited by the process of producing content. I haven’t been writing much about the internal workings of our emotional playground and VSK has mostly been concerning herself with the prurient longings that course through her winsome limbs. Discovering women for her has been a revelation. I’ve always known that women are easier to deal with than men. She is now beginning to see that advantage through my wolfish eyes. The newest toy for both of us is the camera phone. And it’s really a camera video too, both which promise a plethora of kinky, erotic possibilities. We have posted a number of images lately that were taken by phone. They tend to be lower fidelity than the digital camera but maybe that suits the sexual verite we strive to document. Let me know if you like a particular shot and maybe we can do a better job editing them. And thank all of you have left comments over the months and on the last post suggesting new directions. We’d like to become better listeners, and content providers in the future.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Looking for new bloggers

I've been whittling down our blog roll and frankly its getting sparce. I haven't been searching enough and I am always a little leery of just adding bloggers to my broll without a prior OK. Wouldn't want to piss anyone off! Except VSK and the minx. The later hates when I have the temerity to use words like "temerity" and the former gets greenish fiery when I tell her I want to bury it in the minx. Whatever came over me thinking two would be better than one? Greed? Hey, its better but its more to worry about. And the two require discipline. Demand it. I need a soundproof room, I tell ya.

Send me your suggestions, your blog link, your energy. I know I am going to need it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Keeping the faith

Sex blogging requires a certain frisson, a need to scratch an itch that doesn't reveal itself in the day to day normalcy. At least that is how it started for us. As we have moved towards solving that inclination with experimentation, the urge to write has lessened. I doubt if we will quit blogging right yet, but when you are doing rather than fantasizing, some spark to write does disappear. That, mixed with the ridiculous and braying demands of work, makes us bad bloggers. We should post at least twice a week by my reckoning, and I think we are down to twice a month. But we aren't stopping. I swear to Buddha.

In the last few weeks we have found a new female friend who we feel very comfortable with. VSK has posted how her little green monster was enraged by this discovery and then calmed by the warm and soft delights of this hot little minx and she'll write more about that in the future no doubt. The things that make playing with someone who you are compatible with vs playing with someone who, by no fault of their own, requires some self-editing is eye-opening. Early in our experimentations we would bend over backwards and sometimes it left us feeling odd or frustrated. Now every encounter is only within our comfort zone and that is because we are experienced enough to demand our own needs be fairly met. Our demands aren't too heavy either. A clear line of communication is really all we hope for.

The picture is from last night. I requested kitten to "dress up." Now this ain't the greatest pic but its alright. She sat in the chair and I pulled her head down to my cock. I asked that she push her lips together, essentially using her mouth as a quim. Then I turned her around and pounded away her cries as always a mix of pleasure and encouragement. A lot of our play has gotten more direct and I might say that she's been "broken in" nicely these days. I used to think that the sexism of a comment such as that precluded true eroticism, but when you trust somebody completely, the academic categories lose some of their protective sheen. After nearly killing myself jackhammering away from behind on the chair, I fell back on the bed, and demanded she service me again with her mouth. And her enthusiasm brought me to a unique hardness, which I then finished her off with. We literally passed out afterwards.

Someone said about Obama's victory that for them, this would be the first time they felt represented rather than governed. After years of feeling governed, I can say that we feel free enough now to trust in our representations. Its just hard to avoid feeling governed by the blog. Happy HNT!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So, where were we…oh yes, tied to the bed, next to each other. We were instructed to not talk, so naturally I broke the rule right away, and received a smack on the ass for my transgression. SHE let out the softest of gasps, but Witness heard and meted out like “punishment” to her. So, quiet we became, except for our breathing. I could hear HER breath quicken and feel her body tense slightly so I knew that Witness was running his hands over her body; then he did the same to me, eliciting a sigh of enjoyment. It wasn’t long before Witness was manipulating both of us (something he later described as somewhat akin to juggling (left, right, left, right)). He was in seventh heaven, one girl on each hand! It was a very surreal and exciting moment for me, listening to HER moans of pleasure at the same moment I was experiencing similar thrills. It was like an out-of-body experience, HER moans were in response to Witness’s touch to me; my moans were in response to what SHE was feeling. We were one in those moments. Somehow our hands that were clipped together found each other, tentative touches at first, seeking to understand our “oneness” and our exhilaration, wondering what was next. Our fingers entwined, electric-like currents ran through our bodies, we were completely aroused! At some point we were released from our bonds, blindfolds removed, SHE and I looked into each other’s eyes. A kiss was suggested, we moved closer and partook in the suppleness of each other lips, tasted each other’s mouths with our tongues. Witness left the room to check on something and we were left alone to our own explorations. When he returned we were in the sweetest embrace, entwined and lost in one another. A soft and gentle and intense experience like I have never before had and that I look forward to experiencing again. We continued in our “afternoon delight” until it was time to leave. New adventures were had by the three of us. One of the most interesting things about our time together was how very comfortable and natural it all felt. Now my dreams are of the way HER lips and body felt pressed against mine; the taste of HER on my tongue; the desire to learn more about HER.

And now, we are heading off to “experience” more…I’ll write soon.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

VSK with more of the story herself...

Witness had an opportunity. How could I deny him? In our forays into the world of sharing, the males have been more likely to take the bait than females, hell, only males have really been landed. So, when Witness asked if he could make plans I could only give my assent. There has been quite a bit of soul searching and striving to understand that there is nothing more than desire. Witness has a past history of letting his heart and emotions move forward. This was indeed a worrisome aspect of his adventure. The jealousy that presented itself was an uncontrolled emotion for me. The neediness that was brought forth from his action was foreign. We have had many nights of discussion and I have required, needed, demanded, repeated proof that there is nothing more than a desire to explore, that his heart is still with me. Certain rules were bent, certain not quite truths were asserted, certain understandings were allowed to move in a misdirection. We have managed to move forward.

Witness was teasing me and making up fantasies, testing the waters if you will. He was suggesting a scenario he would like to happen. Then, with two days notice, he told me that SHE was coming to town and he would like us to meet. Well, we had quite a long night into the wee hours of the morning. We discussed and argued; the fierceness of my love for him came through and we made love. As I lay there, later, listening to his not so soft snores (sorry love, it is true), I resolved that this meeting should happen and it should be on my terms. So, I made plans. And the next day I prepared a script of sorts.

And a box of surprises. When Witness arrived home that evening, the box was positioned on his side of the bed. He was curious and I shared my idea and set some ground rules. There could be no display of tenderness to HER, this would only make the green-headed monster rise from my depths. He seemed to like my plan (hee, hee). So...the next day we picked HER up from the meeting place. He and I greeted her and opened the back door of the car. I went around to the other side and also sat in the back seat. After some brief exchange of typical pleasantries I let her know that I was nervous and that I imagined SHE was as well. So I suggested some drinks (I had orange juice and vodka at the ready). She agreed. Half way home, Witness pointed out the box that was between HER and I. She was curious and a bit "terrified" about its contents. Witness told me to open it and help her with the contents. I opened the box and lifted out the first pair of cuffs. They are neoprene with velcro and a latch that connects the two. I put one on her left arm and was rather excited to see her breath catch and, as I noted her excitement, I put the other on my right arm. Witness told me to continue, so I took out the second set of cuffs and put them on our other wrists. Then I refreshed our drinks!

Upon arrival at the house, Witness led us inside. He handed a blindfold to HER and told her to put it on while he sent me to find the other one. When I returned SHE looked very cute in her awkwardness, not sure what to do with her hands, not sure what would happen, and very much curious. Witness blindfolded me and then left us standing in the entry, standing alone. She whispered to me that she couldn't believe she was here. I took her hand and said let's go sit down, I know the way without sight. Witness came back and we had a bit of nervous chat and giggles. Then Witness commanded that I take her upstairs. She was concerned about the stairs and I told her I would not lead her astray (ha!). In our room, Witness disrobed each of us and had us lay upon the bed, face down. He tied us to the bed, next to each other.
To be continued...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Its coming

VSK informs me that she is working on a post. In the meantime, I'll be working on her. I sent this pic to a friend, who's now smitten with VSK. So, happy belated HNT. This weekend should be promising as well, maybe she'll post. I know I'll be working the camera.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Full Circle

The summer of 08 has been one that has brought our relationship back to the beginning of where it started. The first year of our relationship was heady, and within 7 or 8 months of our meeting I was fast at work trying to complicate and nearly wreck what has become the cornerstone of my life. I was young and dumb and idealistic: I thought it was possible to love more than one woman at a time. What I really wanted was cake, and the time to eat it too. So we loved and fought and somehow VSK forgave me enough to move forward and I decided that I could not live without her. That much I got right.

28 years later, I would not argue that it is possible to love more than one woman, but it very well might be possible to have more than one woman to make love to. That is, after many years of trying, I finally met somebody who wanted to be with me. Its not that I'm chopped liver, but I do better with girls who are friends than girlfriends. I am Mr. Safe. I know no means no. Finding a playmate was something I wanted to do, but while I had a couple of close calls, mostly it was no dice. VSK found a few takers, we had a lot of fun and I stopped thinking about it too much. Stuff happens when it is ready to happen.
When VSK found out that I had plans, potential and possibility, it tore at her. Romance is different than "playtime" and she wondered if I was going to go back to my bad old self, letting another woman into my heart in such a way that she felt excluded, diminished. I tried to mollify her, comfort her, remind her that no woman could possibly replace what we had experienced together. Some moments my efforts seemed to work. Some times VSK railed at me, questioning my honesty. Was I up to something? Was I telling her everything? Could she trust this new woman? Would she have to?

I thought that the two of them needed to meet, and an opportunity arose. Two nights before my friend was to arrive, VSK and I fought into the wee hours of the evening. At some level I thought my fantasy was over. At another level I resolved to wait and see. VSK surprises. And she loves me fiercely, something our late night battle captured with near frightening clarity.
The next morning, VSK put a shoe box on the bed. In it were four restraintes, meant for binding a person to a bed or maybe a piano. She explained to me what she thought we might do, as the plan was for us to pick up and meet my friend. I was surprised. I still felt a fair amount of trepidation, but the plan to have fun seemed right. This was jumping in the water without testing the temperature. A big step but logical. Sometimes you just have to rip the bandage right off.
I'll leave the rest of the story to VSK. It was, without a doubt, one of the most memorable days of my life. This is not the end of the story.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes, Master

I have been ordered to write a post and to include 4 pictures. As you know, I like to please. And that, along with the threat of no physical contact if I don't do as I am told, encourages me to be obedient.

We had one of those fantastic weekends; a house all to ourselves and plenty of time to do as we please. Of course we had to keep up on our "batting average" (since July 4 we have only missed 5 days). We spent most of the time engaged in this kind of activity:

We also continued to explore the fantastical world of BDSM. There is a tremendous amount of trust that goes along with this kind of play. I find it a huge turn on. Witness tested my obedience, and I tested my compliance. A very good friend was over for a visit, I went to retrieve something from the bedroom and Witness snuck in behind me. He stripped me, put on the blindfold and restraints and led me to the living room (gulp) and tied me up in full view. He announced that I was the toy for the afternoon while they watched sports, drank beer and played with me whenever they wanted. I felt very exposed laying there, knowing they were looking at me, wondering what would happen. I had to let go of traditional concepts of privacy and self-protection and chastity. I could feel my pussy pulsate and dampen. Witness said from across the room that he could see me getting wet. The anticipation and waiting for the first touch was nearly tortuous.

Our friend had to depart after just a little while, so Witness rolled me over

And rewarded me with a spanking. Here is a glimpse of my punished self (this is the tamer picture):

I think my favorite parts of a spanking are the heighten awareness just before the first swat, the going out-of-my mind during the smacks, and the release of the endorphins as the skin tingles and burns afterward. Kinky and fun!

Now that I have done as commanded I wonder what will be my reward?! (Oooo, I posted 5 pics--bonus!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Piano Love

This last weekend, VSK had one of her fantasies slightly, if not well, realized. She has been encouraging me to tie her up, and she likes a fair bit of a spanking, as the last post alluded too. She has always had that "I want to please" personality and its taken stupid ol' me a long time to see that as what it might become sexually. Others see it in seconds and you can image the flies and larger insects it does attract. Sometimes she attracts a dragonfly. Sometimes ladybugs. Lately its been drawing me like a moth to a flame.

It is stunning how much burn damage a man can take. Or two men. VSK likes the idea of being blindfolded and tied up, and knowing my eyes aren't the only ones in the room. She gets so aroused it dumbfounds me. Days later it becomes an easy rush to rally to, and every day now for weeks there has been sex. Some days she want to practice her oral skills, sometimes she wants me to seek some rare area to ravish. You get the picture. And I'll get the picture on the dang post here as soon as I get them properly downloaded. Stay tuned . . .

Thursday, August 28, 2008

HNT afterglow

Well I was gonna do a hnt facial, but the facial was more fun than the hnt. So here's something less, and maybe something more. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Summer to Remember

I really can’t fathom, or maybe I can but still find a tremendous oddity in the situation VSK and I now find ourselves in. For quite some time, about 12 years really, we’ve taken our relationship “open” and begun a process of experimentation that I never would have expected in the earlier years of our marriage. Until then, neither she nor I “cheated” on each other (after we took our vows), and our sex life seemed not bad given that during the first ten years of our marriage 8 of them were filled with new and growing children. There was a major tragedy that happened during this time, which I’m not going to go into, and there was also a new home, new jobs, joblessness, debt, etc that we had to overcome. I wrote about our sexual history in a previous blog so I won’t go back over it here but its worth mentioning that the changes that began with my wife’s seduction by another man did not exactly happen overnight, something the word “open” can not sufficiently convey. In fact, our relationship has been anything but open for most of those 12 years. Most of the time we were as closed as a summer ski lift. But winter does come around regularly, and I’ve been know to bomb down hills on a mountain bike. Which gives the ski lift operator a new summer job.

This summer my job has been to let VSK go wild, mostly with me but often enough with others. Lately, we’ve been open, very open for us. It would seem that we have reached the proverbial “tipping point:” a moment in our relationship that while not easy, is never boring and always an adventure. VSK has found a personal space to inhabit that allows her to pretty much do whatever she wants, and still feel “normal” the next day. “Normal” is a shitty word, how about “horny?” I probably have always felt horny, every day seems like just about the right amount as far as sex goes for me. Not that I have had sex, even with myself, every day for more than a few weeks at a time. One year VSK and I (pre-open I think) kept a “batting average” whereby each day is an at bat and every sex act is a hit. Our average was somewhere around .700. We were in a contest with another couple, and we won. We are really winning a lot these days. Since the fourth of July, we are batting .878. Maybe this really should be called slugging percentage?

If we were also to find a statistic for others included in our “game,” it too would be sufficiently gaudy, for us at least, given the paucity (in my mind anyway) of liaisons prior to this summer. I like to lie in bed and try to come up with a number for the times VSK has played with others and it’s not that high a number. Maybe 40 times, if you count every little contact that could get you Lewinskied in our “I own your fuck” based society. It really does depend what you mean by “sex” and I pretty much liberally think it involves genitalia, manipulated for pleasure and not always (even rarely) done to paroxysm. And those 40 times, which VSK probably would halve given her level of involvement or her partner’s tumescence, have occurred with the same small staff of decidedly less that 10. Cut that in half pretty much too. No wonder some of us have trouble performing. All this cutting going on. Anyway, I know that I would like to chop more wood, and regularly curse my ax for ill-timed desertion.

But while I would like to say we were always moving forward or gaining experience, in our world this is not really how it has worked. Evolution, it turns out, comes in fits and starts which only appear gradual in the relationship record. I think only now can we say we have an “open” relationship. And “open” relationships have rules, just as strong as and maybe stronger than “traditional” ones.

The bigger point I would like to make is that our relationship is really just on a sexual continuum that includes monogamy and goes to polyamory with lots of kinky stops in-between, and is only functional, like all other relationships, in direct proportion to the amount of quality, useable, accurate and respectful communication we can muster. I find that words associated with “open” relationships to be totally inadequate to explain what is going on. It seems axiomatic that the words used to describe most traditional relationships are equally faulty and not up to the task of explaining the complexity of behavior that leads two people to marry and stick by that decision. I really love the decision I made, and the subsequent decisions we have made as a couple. Perhaps that is a better definition for an “open” relationship, although many “closed” marriages are certainly happy with their group decision. And many, very very many are not happy with their joint or what are actually individual choices masquerading as doing what he says (Let’s leave the gays out of this bit of thinly veiled feminist theory). But we are no better really than straight folks who communicate well, simply put we are probably more like them than not, if we can get past the genitalia. Which I can’t, except for this post maybe. More pulchritude to come! More coming pulchritude. The amateur philosopher is dead, long live the amateur pornographer.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Witness worked longer tonight than me for a change. So I took a trolley and met him at his office (we carpool). Sitting on the trolley with the swaying motion got me to thinking about sex (imagine that), but I knew Witness had had a long day and would be tired. Imagine my surprise and delight when I entered his business and he gave me that particular look and ordered me to his office. He commanded me to kneel on one of the office chairs, threw my skirt up over my back and yanked down my panties. Then he smacked my ass. Caught me by surprise, but god how it excited me, the initial sting and then the warmth. He reached between my legs and fondled me to a moist state of frenzy. I really wanted his cock then, but he had another idea. He was in charge! He told me to turn around and he sat opposite me. He didn't need to tell me what to do then as I leaned forward and teased him with my tongue and took him in my mouth. It was so exciting to be bent over him, my swollen sex parts rubbing the chair, I could have come then, but he pulled me up to straddle him. Now, I don't know if any of you have had experience in office chairs, but they have wheels and they tilt. Sex can be hot and funny! Suddenly he says ow, we ran over his foot! We moved into another position and let our passion take over. A great ending to a long day.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Wow, what a weekend. It is our wedding anniversary, 22 years. The kids went away for the weekend and we are all alone. Well, except for a while last night. A friend called that I/we haven't seen for quite a while. We invited him over. Before he arrived we set up candles and I put on a little sexy robe. When he arrived we did the little chit chat thing to get to a comfortable vibe. Did a little teasing and dropped my robe. Witness had the front row seat for observation and I completely enjoyed engrossing my self with our guest, he does does light me up and we all enjoyed our sexuality for a couple of hours. It was all about the raw physicality. Witness took played photographer; it is interesting to me what things he focuses on and what excites him. Also interesting is that both men are watchers and our guest wanted to watch me with my husband, which I did. One of my recurring fantasies is to be on my knees blowing one guy and another guy pounding me from behind, and it is so satisfying when I get to participate in that. I really had a great time. Unfortunately, our friend had to leave, if he had stayed I am sure we would have explored many things as we grew more comfortable with each other. Next time.

Now for the next morning. Witness woke up in quite a state and he felt the urge to "punish" me for my "transgressions" the night before. We have been dabbling in a bit of bondage and some rough sex play and I enjoy it. When he ties me up, I become so aware of my skin and key body parts and I get so aroused (as I am getting now thinking about it) and a whole new realm opens to us. Being bound I have to give myself completely to him. It is so fascinating to both of us to move into roles that we have not fully explored. Having been together for so long it is a big charge to learn new things about one another and ourselves.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What happens when the blogging stops

July has been an amazing month for us, and its not over yet. Without going into a blow by blow of every little and not so little bit of fun we/she have been having, suffice is to say that we are alive and very well. It must be the heat. Heat begets heat I guess.

Every day since July 4th, with three days off because I was out of town, VSK and I have managed to connect. And some of the connections have been beyond what either of us really expected. Its pretty interesting to be married to someone for over 20 years, think you have a pretty progressive sex life and then discover that you partner has another level that she's been saving for a rainy day. Or a hot day. And night.

The catalyst for this change was something I did, although I think I'll leave the details to VSK when and if she wants to discuss it. Intimacy should not be compromised by blogging. We are pretty frank, and we have not hidden the fact that we do fight about things, and struggle to communicate better. Our relationship hits rocky parts, although we firmly believe nothing will ever separate us. We got lazy earlier this year, fought quite a bit in May and June and figured out what was going on in July. And we can't get enough of each other now. Its fun to "rediscover" each other like this. I think most couples who do have successful relationships go through similar ups and downs.

We'll get back to posting, pics being what most folks want to see, rather than my pedestrian musings. But I thought a status report was in order. Thanks for reading.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Self-portrait Happy 4th

What I learned tonight is that it is not necessarily easy to take pictures of oneself! But I think I did okay. At least I didn't catch fire from the candles. Another thing I learned is that I can have an orgasm in the time it takes to upload a couple of shots! It has been an interesting week what with Witness out-of-town and planning a rendevouz for next week. Brings about the whole question of the role of jealousy in a relationship! That's a story for another night. This was going to be a Happy Naked Thursday post, but what with the figuring out how to do it all (I'm a virgin, hah) and every thing I seemed to have missed the deadline. Y'all will have to settle on a Happy 4th. I wish you all a great number of fireworks and bangs. I certainly hope to get it in the flesh soon electricity only goes so far! Love everyone! VSK

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hey there my friends! The problem with kids is that I depend on them for the advanced technical stuff. Well, them and the IT guys at work. But neither is really appropriate to ask for help in uploading pictures (althougth the IT guys would get a big . . . kick out of it) ! So, you will have to let your imagination run wild picturing me in a long shot, leaning back on the cream-colored couch, the green of the outdoors in the background, me wearing a smile and a flower lei. Okay, so it is late. I have had a couple (4) glasses of wine. I gave up on trying to find the cable to transfer the pics from the camera to my BRAND NEW LAPTOP. VSK witness is out of town, and so I was working on a crossword and a thread started in my head. What do you think? You know I love all of your comments! Take care.

P.S. Pizza Boy, lunch tomorrow? I have to work part of the day, call me mijo!

Object of my desire, oh how you inspire.
I watch, barely breathing, as you appear,
A smile ready on your lips, a playful comment emits.
I wonder, are you serious, do you really know what you are saying?
What if I call your bluff; what if you call mine?

You are lanky, sinewy, raw.
Untried, unused, unfettered.
Such energy, such disregard, such frailty, there, just below the bravado.

What is it that you want? What is it that I can offer?
Oh, and how I imagine, how I dream, how I can very nearly feel the all of you.
My breath, it is so shallow; I dare not want more.

I want to take you, teach you, treat you.
There is so much.
You are so . . . so young, and old, too.
You have been misused, misled, mistrusted.
You want…what? Do you know?

I want . . . what, do I know?
Primal, maternal, more than physical.
It is blurry, the lines of my desire;
Hot, warm, troublesome.

You leave your traces in so many places.
Do you even know?
Do you feel the heat? Do you hear the unsaid?
Can I feel you? Please?

You inspire.
My desire.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Absence makes the dick grow harder

I'm off for a little work trip, which means that the kitten and I will be apart for a little while. I'm sure that anyone who has been married for awhile or who's been in a LTR of some length knows that there are some interesting things that happen when you are away from your sweety. It is as if distance brings clarity. The last few weeks have been a bit rough on the two of us, not that we haven't been through rough before, but the rocky bits are real between us and we have to work hard to get past our conflicts and get back to communicating fairly and well. VSK has been her usual best, and we have been at each other like mink. And now I will be away from her for maybe two weeks and this always seems to be interesting. Grounding even.

When we were pups we called each other every night. We learned about phone sex. Now when I leave I fantasize about her "playing around" even though I have learned that this is unlikely. A couple of times in the past when I have gone away she has convinced me that she had/is having sex with someone. I find out later that my fantasy was just that, and perhaps this really doesn't matter. The few moments I get, convinced that I've been had are priceless. The reality doesn't necessarily take away from the imagination.

This trip will be interesting because I have some plans of my own. Not that I really expect that I will get anywhere with the woman I have been thinking about, but the potential is worth some sort of pleasure, in the mind of the beholder. It helps to remember that no matter what my "success" might be, I return to nirvana. I do realize how lucky I am. I will be counting my blessings every day.

Here's a little belated HNT. Best to everyone.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What the Smart Set doesn't understand

If you spend any amount of time in a LTR and any amount of time reading say The New Yorker, the New York Times, or anyone who likes to think they have the key to the internal workings of the great American mentality, you run up against, again and again, the dispensation of the Grand Emotional Truth. GET, for short. As in, do you get it? Do you understand that love is different than lust and the never the twain should meet in a real romance? Even when your not getting it, because that getting of it is just porn, and they (the great herd of smart received wisdom about love and sex) all know what that is.

Like fuck they do. The NYTimes pubished a story about a couple of couples who decided, egads!, to see how many days in a row they could do it. They made sex into work, and found out that, "hey, this seems to have helped our intimacy!" The average American couple does it 66 times a year, and most figure that figure is higher than it really is for those who have been in a LTR, because we all know young couples do it at a higher frequency. And eventually reality/boredom comes to play its well known cards and the GET holds that slow death as normal.

I started writing this blog about a year ago because I wanted not only to show off and play with my wife, but because I think that what passes for the GET amongst American couples and described in the media, high and low, sucks eggs. I don't want to get all political here, but there is a reason why we are a country prone to violence, prone to over-eating, prone to Prozac, number one in the world in prisoners kept and keepers of a high divorce rate. Simply put, the Puritans were wrong about fucking, folks. They didn't get it and what they left as a foundation for sexuality in this great nation is as bad a legacy as can be imagined. Someone please show me the great happy normalcy that is the foundation of our greatness. And as the readers of this blog know; it doesn't exist. It never did. And occasionally the ones that seem so sure that porn killed romance piss me off so much I have to vent. I'm betting that romance has killed more than porn ever did. At least if death equals begging your wife for a blow job.

What I mean to engage is the truth that if you don't have a working sex life, its gonna be damn difficult to have intimacy, and intimacy is the salvation of "romance." It nearly the definition of romance. The intimacy that partners can share by know each other's bodies is the fundamental root of our romantic worlds. The smart set of folks who have all read too many novels and lost their physicality in the grand narratives of the GET, those folks will never get to understand how a show like Swingtown or whatnot might have something bigger to say than "Friday Night Lights." I know that we all want to think we are special, and that our special relationship is a gift of fate that makes sense of what we are to do with our time here, but what if that is not so? We make our own realities, and to the extent that we have the guts to trust our own desires as good and not bad, we can garner something that feels a lot like the freedom we all cherish so well, and practice so poorly.

After a year at this blog, I've got to come clean even as I plan on posting more nekkid wife pics. There is a battle out there for the sensibility or our nations sexual and emotional truths. First thing you need to know is that its plural not singular. Something swinging sex bloggers are pointing out with every post.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Late HNT

Its been several days since we've screwed. I've been bad. I've not been my usual playful self . . .

As you can see, I've got a lot to think about. I've been missing something.

Imagine having a Ferrari. Imagine not having the keys . . .

This HNT is not on time but still, better than nothing. Several times better than nothing I figure.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

HNT in pink

I'm really not one to brag, although by posting pics of my wife, I guess I am bragging. This photoshoot went real well. Funny that I had to use my back up back up camera, as I've misplaced the battery charger for the new camera. Ha! Sometime old technology is the best. Or, older technology can still be quite useable. Like Milf's. Not to call VSK old, but I guess I did. She sure worked my old cock over after these pics were taken. Hope she inspires some self-abuse out there . . .

I should point out that this photo episode was sponsored by a little shopping at the old adult superstore. Lots of tight clinging things to chose from. When VSK got home, she was wearing her killer green dress and looked like the proverbial sexy librarian. But she couldn't wait to get into this outfit, and she even wore it with high heals. Wow, its amazing what those shoes can do. She'll tell you she was feeling a little puffy, but hell, I think we can all see past that. She got me puffy, then nearly choked me to death while I was banging her missionary style. I admit I liked it, rough bad kitty. Rowr!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


VSK mentioned that she might like a little piece of jewelry, I guess sorta to get into character. Typical me went a bit overboard. Now we have folks asking, what does VSK stand for? Very Sexy Kitty? Voluptuous Super Kitten? Vixen Seeks Kona? Voldemort Sucks Kielbasa? Help! We kinda feel like maybe we don't care if some folks know what its for, but I don't want this piece to find its way out only on special secret occasions. Fire away, my brain is dry. VSK has drained me this weekend, in more ways than one. And that's a good thing, mostly.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

1 in 3 HNT

Sorry the pic's so dark, I've not had a chance to get any new images of VSK lately. There's hope on the horizon as she is off tomorrow and I figure I'll take a PTO day as well. Pictures: The Opportunity. We'll see.

Glancing at the Huffington Post and saw this article. It says something like one in three American moms are getting something on the side. So for those of you wondering if hot-wifeing is odd, the answer would seem to be, its only odd that so few are honest about what their wives want on occasion.

Here's hoping to more posting! And more shenanigans!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Small changes

I'm not one to try to make a lotta rules for my fellow man/woman, but I don't want spammers sending comments in to CMVSK. I think the way I have not joined into various ping generating groups has kept a lot of folks in the dark about this blog, but that's OK, I'm writing it because I sure as heck don't want to turn this into another job. I've got at least two paying gigs already, and a few non-paying ones blocking up my time. Any advice from the readers of this blog about avoiding spam or just generally improving things will be considered. I figure most folks just want to see some nekkid pics. Fine by me, fine by VSK. As time allows, the clothing disappears. I've enabled comment moderation for the moment, and made it so one has to type those funny letters to make a comment. Cool? Not cool? Let us know.

Thanks folks!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Waiting for Summer

I am firmly entrenched in that nebulous place whereby I am waiting to be done with my part-time job so I can get on with the job of enjoying life. This summer looks like it will be an interesting one, full of travel, family and hopefully some shenanigans. VSK and I have been enjoying our family life, the kids are pretty amusing these days, and its at the point now where the next stage in our lives is staring us in the face. You can bet that I want to expand our "activities" in light of the new freedoms that will present themselves, but that wait is going to take a few summers to reach. Wisdom would be to be patient and realize that time flies, but I'm a pretty regular man. I want my fun now, and I want it to be more fun than the last fun. Hurry up and wait.

Anyway, while I wait, here's who's in my bed. She seems reasonably distracting. Reason is, however, overrated.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

HNT and fighting the good fight

VSK and I have our moments, just like any other couple. One problem comes from familiarity: "hey haven't we had this fight before?" The temptation is to not fight when the problem seems familiar. And yet if we don't state our positions, defend them, haggle and eventually make up it leave a residue of resentment. That residue will leave stains, let me tell you. I've seen the residue build up in many a friend's coupledom and eventually turn into something that can't be fixed. Replacement is required. That's not the idea, I don't think.

So this last week there have been moments when I want to come right on out of my skin. Lucky for me VSK is pretty good at using her skin to talk me off the edge of the cliff and back to some sexy sanity. Happier now and back in bed, and enjoying the good graces of a woman who manages to almost always fight the good fight. HHNT!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Organ HNT

The dream I had last night, among many which I figure were generated in large part by the amount and temperature of the salsa which I drenched my baked potato with, was populated by a rock band, putatively Pink Floyd. I was in the audience. Given that VSK has been "tired" lately, you could read into the dream the larger issue of its been a while since we've played and a few days since we've fucked. Regardless, the band moved into a subtle jam which focused on David Gilmour, playing an organ. He was babying it and I raised my hand or otherwise got his attention. "More Organ!" I shouted. With that he moved to a bigger longer organ behind him and as the volume roared, with each chord some sort of multi-colored worm like creatures or robots jumped out of his instrument, some looking like miniature barber poles, some like psychedelic mushrooms. Tell you what, I'd like to see that for real.

What you all would like to see is "More Kitten." Without further ado . . .
I give you VSK!

Monday, April 14, 2008


CBS is beginning to promote a new show, Swingtown, from the director of "Big Love" and "Rome." The pilot is May 29th. My intuition tells me that this cannot work in a country as repressed and hypocritical as ours, but wtf, Big Love, Weeds, Six Feet Under, Dexter, etc etc might just as well be evidence that we can handle a show about alternative lifestyles. As long as its not another "Ice Storm" I'll be happy. What kinda bugs me is that its set in the 1970s. Placing it at a historical remove is logical, but it might also open up some room for denial. And derision. I wonder if they need technical support with the writers . . .

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Skull fucking Tuesday

I don't know if you read the Onion or not but I spent a fair amount of the weekend laughing about a video on their website about a move to outlaw skull-fucking. Ah, where would the world be without skullfuckery? Thusly motivated, VSK and I had a little interlude last night that while not actual ocular skull-fucking, still was quite satisfying for both of us. It helped that I had VSK's arms tied behind her, and later this proved enjoyable as I hoisted her on the bed for some fun clitoral dick-slapping, oral pleasuring and final traditional missionary thrusting. This dress will be forever know to me as her skull fucking dress. Scroll up and down for live action fun!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Next Level and HNT

I got another solicitation from a friendly web pornographer. As you may have noticed, we've never done any ads here. Moreover we haven't joined anything, Sugasm, TMI Tuesday's, although I guess HNT qualifies as something. Here's the come on. And no, I haven't checked out these sites nor do I recommend them.

"Very nice site. I want to know if you are interested in a link trade. I am looking for an incoming link for from and am willing to do a two-way trade with that site but prefer a three-way trade also involving and/or Thanks."

I am both ignorant and non-plused. Then again, VSK claims some indian blood, I wonder if that last link has something for us. Anyway, if you wanna educate us or give some advice, go for it. I think that I am noticing a trend among adult bloggers. It seems like some have made their sites by invitation only and since I'm bad at making these types of link ups, they become dead to me as I can't get in to look without getting invited. I guess you are supposed to invite yourself. Seems odd to me.

As for what group I would like to be associated, I'd like to see a network of adult hotwife/cuck/swinging bloggers who would meet face to face every once in a blue moon to talk and maybe more about all things interesting. I wonder if any of you out there fancy such a thing. I know that personally I don't fancy getting a bunch of single males asking to meet because they know VSK is "available." But meeting couples would both blog would be fun I do believe. Just thinking out loud. Guess I have become the solicitor.

Have a nice day and a better weekend. HHNT!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

HNT finally

Yeah folks, we are drifting. With three jobs between the two of us and the weight of our oh so important world on our shoulders, hey, nudity pics and hanky panky are getting short shrift. With luck, we'll do nasty things with friends this weekend. With reality, we'll pass out exhausted before anything ribald and titilating occurs. Thanks for the patience, those of you who comment and visit. HNT! I put in two pics cause I missed last week. Hope that compensates . . .

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I mentioned back a post or two that the camera has become part of the bedroom play more and more lately. VSK took this pic herself. Maybe she'll evolve to the point where she takes the camera with her on a flirtatious liaison or maybe a stolen bj with a friend in the car. That would work, wouldn't it?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wife Swap HNT

35 years ago, two New York Yankee pitchers swapped lives. They swapped everything, dogs, houses, two kids, and wives. Their wives swapped mates and of those two new unions one relationship failed and the other one lasted, with four more kids as proof.

Ah, what I would do for just an occasional wife swap. I mean, I'm not complaining about my present situation, VSK has been a rambunctious little vixen lately. I love it when she intiates verbally, "let's go fuck" being an especially wonderful phrase of her's this last week. The camera has become more a part of the sex than a documentation of the VSK. So the pics are kinda fuzzy. Its analogous to what she does to my brain.

Anybody wanna do some swapping? You've seen what I've got for trade . . .

Thursday, February 28, 2008

You can't see me

I've been having a series of bizarre yet vivid dreams. Last night was a winner as it was a sex dream with a woman I haven't thought about for years. She was a real sweety, ended up becoming a doctor. As I thought about it, it occurs to me that she was a lot like VSK, a woman everybody wanted because she was pretty sure of herself. This person, Z, had pretty much the same voice as Tatum O'Neil. That might not seem so sexy given O'Neil's playing for the other team but the fact that I can still hear it after 30 years says something. Well, here's to old memories! Real like this is still better . . . Sorry about the low quality, but you get the picture.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


"I am the hungry wolf, and I run endlessly with my mate. . ."

A favorite band is coming back to the southland, John Doe and Exene are back together apparently in some formation along with Billy Zoom and DJ Bonebrake and it will be lucky me and VSK if we get a chance to see them again, once or twice. Early in our relationship I'd volunteer that our repeated listening to this great, seminal LA punk band probably carried us over the hump as they say. When things are tough, and when we were young they were tough as we fobbed about trying to figure out the myriad emotions of twenty-something love, X pulled me through by reminding me it was us against the world, in some infinitely rewarding way. And so what was once the ideology of rock and love became a functional marriage complete with all the accutriments of success and conformity. Good and bad that, and not too unusual. What you have here is a piece of our unusual left over from the days when it took place in a slam pit.

John and Exene sure seemed to fight for something rare, and when apart they hurled the failures they brought out in each other back and forth as a way of mediating the dispute that drove their art. They've gotten older, it will be interesting to see what they offer each other. I can't imagine they are cashing in that much with a reunion tour.

As for VSK and I, our reunion last night was an X indeed. Given that the missionary position has downsides for my wrists and her ribs, we made like rockstars and did the X. She on her back and I on my rightside, we add a vibrator into that position and you got yourself a cyborg three-way. VSK was clamping down hard and I was pushing with all my might not to be ejected from the tunnel of love. By clenching my ass muscles I could make my cock bounce off something engorged and round inside her, and this coupled with Mr. Wahl the vibrator pretty much destroyed her. After her derangement, I jackhammered to a nice unloading of my worldly cares and we were both so wrecked afterwards we fell asleep crisscrossed to nirvana. Ah, the joys of union. And reunion I hope as well.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I spend a lot of time being light and salacious here. But I've got the mind of a scientist (its genetic, dad's a physicist) and I find that I'm always looking at scientific reporting from the point of view of cuck/hotwife/swinger who knows that some fair amount of our alternative behavior can be explained biologically, psychologically or sociologically. Some folks look at you like your a nut job when you start expounding pet theories behind the enjoyment of wife-sharing etc. Some folks just aren't that interested in the anthropology of their own craniums. We'll, that ain't me, babe.

There's an article in Slate I just read that explains pretty well why men have ridges on their cocks. And it explains why sloppy seconds are sloppy. It has to do with the propensity of women to cheat, and why biologically it makes sense for them to do so. I won't go through this whole theory blow by blow but basically boys are shaped the way they are so they can scoop out their rivals goo and plant their own. And when they say size matters, it may, in so much as it allows for a deeper delivery of man sauce. When your wife comes back from that next work trip, you know you will want to fuck the hell out of her. VSK and I always joked about it as "reclaiming my territory." Turns out we were right according to the theoretical biologists.

All this matters not in the realm of justification, because I don't really hew to what is right and proper in all matters matrimonial. On this day in celebration of romantic love I'd like nothing better than a three-way. But given that its Survivor night and the VSK is a fan, I'll settle for her happiness and a late night rogering. She'll get this valentine and maybe a surprise or two. Our biological wiring, and keeping an open mind to it, provides quite a few surprises to the couple that listens carefully.