Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Counting the days

So I haven't written for awhile. It is interesting that over time, things that once captivated change into things that hold one captive. I've become more cautious and yet more comfortable with our poly life. We didn't get out much in 2011. We worked and worked and still the bills keep tumbling. The idea is that we bust our humps for a while and it will pay off in some fundamental way. By chasing the dragon of fruitful endeavors we have let our libido slip. But it always comes back.

A few weeks ago VSK had a nice little romp with a friend who she has been with many times. He'll come over and watch sports and if the moon is aligned and the alcohol is correctly timed, fun may ensue. Part of the hold up is very simply that we still have one kid living at home. And who knows when she'll show. Even if she did catch us in flagrante delicto she wouldn't be too upset. And she has put us through the ringer with her own "open" relationship and now budding lesbianism. She's a good kid. But we both want her to move out and find her way. Make that three of us who would like to see her move out . . .

VSK is free to arrange her own fun but she hasn't in a long time. I think that would be the next great thing as far as I am concerned. I've seem to get plenty of flirtation in 2011, if not actualization. I know it makes me feel good and connects me to my masculinity. I'd be grateful if on her next business trip she hooked up with someone or if she just made a date with our boy. Just go out and have some fun. But these things are, in our world, things that just sort of happen. She has just enough Catholic girl in her to make her think planning is a special kind of sin. As if sin were an issue.

We do have some plans for the new year. The picture above is one of the views I'll be getting. Only with less clothes. I like having something to look forward to. And there are many things I may not be looking forward to that will come to pass. Maybe is not a bad word. That way VSK has been handling my dick lately, maybe is certainly a good possibility.