Thursday, December 13, 2007


Well the cruel truth about expectations is that can play tricks with your mind. We had a lovely weekend, not much hanky-panky, but all and all a good time. The mountains were covered with a new batch of snow, and the drive to the venue was worth the price of admission alone. Half-naked is always worth it with VSK, even on the weekend. Have a good one yourselves!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Belated present

For a friend. And anyone else who'd like a little gift today.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

HNT preparing

VSK and I have matured. Usually the drama of arranging some free play time become sorta an obsession for me which is not really the turn-on a guy would hope it to become for his partner. Especially a partner who works a bit too hard and comes home wrung out like a carwash shammy more nights than she don't. The fun thing this week is that by not talking about our upcoming outing we get to communicate on another level that makes us both pretty dang horny and the sex hot.

This blog has become more about pics than thoughts and that is OK I guess but I'm more impressed with those writers out there who are documenting the internal processing of a functional infidelity in a committed relationship. There seems to be an undercurrent of "let's not talk about anything serious-show us the titties" which when you're hungry for comments or hits becomes sort of a cruel mistress. And there should be as few rules as possible when your doing something as out of bounds as this blog. I found as well that I must have been breaking some linking rules adding those blogs I think are good without a formal invitation and if I've po'ed anyone by doing so I apologize. I didn't read the rule book. I hate fucking rule books, in case you wondered.

Well, back to the pics then. This one fits the preparing for the weekend theme. Happy happy, joy joy!