Thursday, September 24, 2009

HNT: Thursday is the new Friday

I love Thursday's. By this time of year, since taking a real vacation seems like a fantasy I will never make happen, I burn some of my PTO on Friday's. Kitten gets every other Friday off so we try to take mini-vacations every month. Even when we don't get Friday's off together, we relish Thursday's because we enjoy watching the original CSI (even without Grissom) and this Friday a friend is coming to visit. Maybe even some hanky panky. I'm sure that kitten will be in this position before next week comes. Although she may have her hands and talents occupied with more than she does here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rear Window

There's a Hitchcock move, Rear Window, that focusses on voyeurism. Apparently, there is a new New York hotel, the Standard Hotel, that encourages its patrons to have sex or walk about naked, as they are adjacent to a new park in the old meatpacking district. Its the new hot fun thing to do for tourists and New Yorkers. And here is a picture of VSK's swimsuit covered ass. I don't know what these things have in common other than I enjoy being a voyeur watching VSK do her thing and the word "rear" is conjured by this picture. There you go, I'm officially nuts on Monday.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Have a drink on me HNT

I've noticed some of the more popular bloggers, in terms of content, basically reprint the lyrics to some song they like and then show us a nice pic of their best cheese and viola, a lot of lonely guys tell them how damn good looking they are and before you know it, they got 40 comments. As a comment whore myself, this sorta grates on my nerves, given that as man I 1)usually don't really want to know the lyrics to the latest Nickelback song (shit, I'm sure they are great and damn last night I found myself enjoying a Rascal Flatts!!! song on America's got talent . . . probably because of the use of dangerous chemicals and the Mark West Pinot Noir pictured below) and 2) you don't really want to see me wearing a crotchless catsuitin a picture taken from a camera with vaseline smeared all over its lens. And I sure as hell don't think I want lonely men writing about how they would dig to see that, now do I? So, grumpily I think I just leave you alls (all eleven of you) with a snippet of AC/DC (more weird rumblings deep in my psyche thinking about my song choice after the ramblings above) some Mark West and my wife's tits, covered in polkadotty fabric. Its fucking Thursday. That's almost Friday which is basically the weekend. Rock on!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Up to . . .

The fallow period of blog writing has been brought to you by the four boobs indicated above. I have been rendered without a muse by the under debasement and sensory overload that our summer adventures occasioned. Managing decent communication requires time and effort, and my effort has been mostly to drag my ass back to the bedroom one more time to see if I can finish myself off. Its been close. But I'm beginning to feel the rumblings of thought returning. Not sure if that's a good thing.

I was reading a book on the Chumash tribe at the time of European contact and it was suggested by some of the very first Europeans that the head chiefs had two wives. I know that its unlikely though not impossible that our little menage a trois could become a more permanent arrangement, and even more unlikely that I am a "head chief" but the comfortable fun we have as a trio is pretty hard to beat. Its not just the sex folks, its the laughing, hanging out, talking, just basically enjoying every moment part of the time we get that makes me want to go back to that space in the world again and again. VSK knows that she will always be the woman that I have created myself for, but the minx and her seem well satiated with each other. This is not to say that there are not flashes of green that occasionally muster forward. But truth be told it was VSK, more than myself really, that has made this unusual relationship flower. The two of them send virtual flowers (pictures of flowers that is) nearly every day. She has never been one to want to spend time with the girls, so it warms my heart to see her acting this way. The minx and I are both aware we need to be less negative in this world and she is our model. And yes indeed, there are things three can do that two cannot. Lots of things actually. Now if I could just get the two of them to blog we'd be back to producing some content. Here's hoping I can . . .

Friday, September 11, 2009

Not dead yet

Is this the end? Ha. With three jobs, two mistresses, and any number of other distractions, I just haven't felt the mojo to write. Post. Whatever. I'd like to tell you about watching the two kittens play, or vsk undulating in a lawn sprinkler but that is so three weeks ago. My mind gets activated by what might happen and that requires planning. Right now, I'm not sure what I am going to have for lunch. I will say that I did have this dish for the last two nights and it was delicious. Not that I swallowed anything exactly, rather I was the main course. Both of us would rather be home in bed than "working" but there are bills to pay. Hope you all have a great weekend. You never know what might happen!