Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Future is Unwritten

Update: all is well, we are just lazy.

VSK did a nice thing and wrote the last blog entry. I've noticed that what is missing from our blog is the tension that comes from the mystery behind those stories where you get to hear about all the events which lead up to the grand finale of poly fun play in the end. I know that a lot of visitors of this blog enjoy looking at VSK's assets and all, but frankly I think that it would be nice if I told a story about our play from the perspective of the buildup to fruition. We rarely plan to play around but a recent positive development of events has allowed VSK, Playmate and I to anticipate actually having the time and place to go and have some fun together. It will be unusual and perhaps momentous for all three of us to have such a moment where we can freely do what we often dance around the edge of. I do love watching Playmate and VSK. I plan on taking every liberty in describing the ravishment coming soon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

She finally writes again!

Hi Everyone, VSK here. I have been so remiss in writing anything here for too long. Why? Because my new job is KICKING MY ASS! Oh and the fires didn't really set the mood either. So, now I will share just a small story from a few weeks ago when I kind of woke up and said "Where....where am I? Oh it's a little cold, I'll just sleep a bit more." When I awoke later and slowly focused my eyes, I realized I was outside, wrapped in a blanket, missing my clothes, at least I was in my own backyard under the gazebo. What happened that night. Well, let's see. Wine tasting that turned to wine drinking. Then over to one of the fellow taster's place for some dancing (see earlier blog w/dancing pic) and, oh surprise, more wine. Then over to the home of some other folks from wine tasting , where apparently keeping my dress on was not so easy, and the men had silly smiles! Hmm, maybe I should quit the day job and . . . naw, it's more fun when its not for work. Then to our house and the Jacuzzi and . . . well, there was the usual grab ass and some kissing and fondling, and then ... I woke up. Too much wine I say. Witness fell asleep with a new friend inside the house, she is sweet, but, unfortunately, "just a friend." The next morning we gathered a varied of items--shorts, shoes, a cell phone, a wig, a mexican wrestler mask, and clown hair. What a wild time we must have had. Everyone safe and hungover. It is good to get mindless every now and again.

Now I am excited about an upcoming little trip. Going to see a couple of favorite bands with VSK Witness and Playmate, thinking about getting a room for the night (there is a bit of a drive). I'm sure I could do something to distract our friend from the woes of his burned out neighborhood. It would be good to be just us three without the distractions of children, pets, phones, you get the picture!

Speaking of pictures. I best get posing. Take care all of you.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

HNT: Wednesday night reprise

"Candles will work?"

"Yeah candles will work." VSK lit three and I took the comforter off the bed and laid it neatly folded in half on the floor. I threw four pillows on the comforter and told her to take her clothes off.

"Knell on the pillow" I said, instructing her to face the floor length mirror at the corner of the room, where I had placed the comforter. She did and immediately assumed all fours, knowing I planned to enter her from behind.

"No, sit up." I helped her to a kneeling position. She obliged as I offered my cock, lubing me up as I pulled her hair aside to watch her work. The candles offered up their flattering light, her skin luminous in a warm peach glow.

As she positioned herself with her face in front of the mirror, she pulled her hair aside so I could see her face. I entered her, then we repositioned, and finally one leg bent at the knee and one foot on the floor I straddled her ass and gained purchase. On her elbows and knees I could see her breasts pressed against a pillow, her mouth curled in a slight smile. She was acting for me, being the vision so I could have my moment of visual feast, her body turned so I could only see my torso and her body laid before me as a meal. Faster, slower, deeper, we settled on a motion.

"Your beautiful." She smiled. "You feel hot," she said, my cock was straining now. When she talks while we make love its rare that she comments on the action. She does it as a favor, but she likes the power it brings. She mentioned what would be next, she could feel me spurt. Satiated for now, I collapsed next to her. We laughed at how tired we were.

"Doggie style takes more energy." I offered. "Was that tough on you?"

"I wouldn't tell you if it was." She's a bit of a martyr, but I'm not complaining. Sometimes her gift to me is what I must allow her. We play our roles as well as we can.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Does she solve something for you?

After going blah for a while I may have chased off some of the visitors of this blog. That's a shame because no doubt some of the folks who visited did so for puerile self-interest. And I'm thinking that's the audience I'm looking for in this post.

VSK and I had an interesting talk last night. If you look around at the fellows like myself who show off their wives on the net, there is usually a period they go through whereby they ask their readers to "show" how much they like what they see. I asked VSK if she would like to get some communication from her admirers. She said yes, but she doesn't just want to see cocks at attention whacking off to a screen shot of her ass. (I mean, that wouldn't be the worst thing a guy could do . . .) Anyway, what she likes is to read things. Fantasies, scenarios, sensual and please not crass things. Any takers? The email address is in the profile. I plan on rewarding the submissions with pics that won't be posted here. Sounds fair, right?

(If I implied in the above that VSK is only interested in male comment, rest assured that any commentary from the finer sex is very very welcome.)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

HNT? Close enough

What makes a picture erotic? Or what makes good porn good? Seems to me a picture is like a puzzle and the mind of the observer is a piece that either fits or doesn't. You look at the pic and your brain says "that fits." Or I could fit into that. Here is a shot of a shirt that VSK fits into, pretty nicely. I'm usually so focused on her rear that I forget these peaches. But they are speaking to me in this shot.