Tuesday, January 26, 2010

VSK takes pictures too

I was giving VSK some grief this morning about not contributing to this blog. She claims that posing is emotionally taxing (ha!) and requires focus. I went through the archives and came up with these pics from her phone. VSK sends me pictures, and some of her other lovers pictures, to entice, tease, cajole, heckle and what not. So this is "her" contribution.

We have been frequenting a particular bar lately and making new friends. In fact we have become quite the scandalous couple, with our sometimes nearly exposed lifestyle slipping out after a few too many glasses of what ever special vintage is going around that night. So we play and the servers play back. Its fun and the cameraman topic comes up from time to time.

One particular couple who works there stimulates our interest quite a bit. Probably too young for us but its fun to fantasize. That teasing flirtatious nature in VSK works wonder on men and women too. I think this is how we distract ourselves while we wait for the next visit from Minx.

Finding people to share "libations and sensations that stagger the mind" has become easier over the years. I often read about couples new to exploring that ask, "how do you find people who we might want to play with?" The answer becomes a tautology with experience. Want the right people. For the right reasons. Communicate that honestly and the rest seems to take care of itself.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The next great thing

When we first started "opening up" our lives as described in this blog, there was that palpable sense of discovery that makes any new relationship heady, and which drove a lot of the posts. If VSK didn't like exhibitionism, if I didn't find the thought of her with another man (or woman) exciting, if digital cameras didn't exist, then there would be no blog. A lot of the comments are simple affirmations of VSK and her exploits, and that does her fine. I'm satisfied with that too and any longer examinations of why and how and with whom that I make are often written because I just want to be able to savor VSK as well and for as long as I can. Thanks to all of your are in order, even lurkers, because you help keep me interested in posting. And while I am not a good blogger, that is an affirmation I'm glad for, as good bloggers are imho often too seeped in their dimension to notice some other dimensions. We all need to get a life.

All this said, I do like showing pictures that show VSK off. They come in a few flavors. Number one these days is certainly ass. Second might be VSK and Minx. It might also be VSK getting disciplined. Or it might just be VSK in some other pose. I've asked before for suggestions, but really, I don't need suggestions. VSK needs suggestions. If you want me to be a better blogger, you need to make her happier, not me. I am already quite happy thank you very much. So, as I plan to myself, plan on being more demonstrative of your appreciation of VSK, more suggestive as to her appearance, or lastly, more salty in your comments. It's all good. Thanks for helping make it so.

Blurry I know but you get the point.