Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hats on for HNT

Some of our favorite bloggers, Hank and Peggy from "Sex in Texas," stopped blogging due to a break-up a while back. I'm happy to report that they are back in the saddle again and I think they should be commended for giving it the old college try and working to build a relationship. In the end, that's mostly why I started blogging and VSK started posing, to add a new dimension to our world. So this version of "she's on top" goes out to our Texas friends.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Who's on top?

All marriages, as far as I can tell, have those moments when its not clear who's leading and who's following. Certainly when communication is going well this is moot, all is figured out together. But even after a couple of decades VSK and I have those moments when we are not pulling in the same direction. It helps me to remember that in a lot of ways, VSK is on top. This picture is a visual reminder of why it pays to listen.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Another Hawaiian flashing pic. If you look closely, I think you can see VSK is flipping everyone off in this shot. In a nice way.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Pool Party

Saturday night turned into one of those interesting evenings that you can't plan for and only wish happened more often. VSK and I went to our local wine tasting venue down the hill from our house and chatted with the regulars. Some friends met us down there as well, and while we have basically broached the subject of a little cross-partner play, we've been taking baby steps given that our teenage offspring (from both couples) are always around. The owner of the tasting venue is a nice guy who I've gone golfing with and who knows that VSK has, shall we say, a very understanding husband. His new girlfriend happened to be sipping wine Saturday and she and I hit it off immediately. One hour turned into three and then soon enough all three of us couples where back at our house, and not much later there was a lot of nude or semi-nude folks in the swimming pool.

It has been hot and humid here and I think that the pool must have been close to 90 degrees. And that was before I had one or another of these two beautiful women wrapped around me as we took turns playing grab ass on this glorious night.

No, there wasn't any fucking going on, although I got a nice kiss and VSK managed to mouth a couple of cocks underwater, a tease she likes to pull partially because she knows it can only last as long as she can hold her breath. Things broke up around midnight and of course VSK and I had to consumate the evening especially with all that pressure built up in my male brain. Sunday we got some time alone and took a pic or two, of which you can see the results.

Last time we had a nekkid pool party was New Year's, and now its August. VSK likes to torment me as I complained that this was not a interval between events that I favored. Its great when you can find another couple to be relaxed with, better still when there are two. I'd like to keep the momentum rolling. We'll see but for sure we have crossed a boundary with our friends in a way that will make it easier to move things to the next level. And there will be some girl-girl activities likely to occur that will make for another glorious night when that day comes.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Been a while since we did a new shot for this special day of the week. Enjoy. We sure enjoyed the big island . . .

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Position

Whenever VSK and I are a little lacking in either imagination or energy, we assume the position or some version of it. VSK grabs the vibrator and I grab my cock, and more often than not it goes in her mouth. Basically she sucks away until she reaches that point where she can't hardly move any part of her body and concentrates mostly on not biting me while she comes. This is foreplay nine times out of ten. If we have some other frisson going then she might get a mouthful or I might fuck her mouth before mounting her or something different may occur. This has become our old standby and nothing in this world turns me on more than knowing she is nearing orgasm, and vice versa. I read an article in the New York Times magazine about couples therapy that suggested the key to a good marriage is to be a cheerleader for your spouse. So here's a pic of me cheering VSK. Its not the best lighted shot but imagination is a fine aphrodisiac.

Oh, one other thing. VSK got a off-line question about whether or not it was her in the pic with the two fellows a couple of posts back. No, but if you want it could be arranged I wager!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Check your baggage

Reaching for the vibrator. We checked luggage for a change, so the trusty device got to go on vacation with us. Which means it didn't get a vacation.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back At It

When you spend a bit of time on the Sandwich Islands, you get to be rather languid and serene and the things that antimated you to go separate from the things you feel like doing. The sex ideas I had before the trip mutated into something less compelling and kinky, not that we didn't have quite a goodly amount of coitus during our visit. The way it works for me in Hawaii is that I generally go insane about day 2 or 3 of the vacation and then I settle down and let things fall where they may. They fell quite well but obviously those ideas of posting new and interesting visions of VSK for all to see went straight to hell. I've got a couple of new pics and I also have a damn computer that will not let me put the images from my camera to my harddrive. Joy.

I have been writing some porn that merits the light of day but I want VSK to add her touches and then maybe we can enact some parts of the story to illustrate and otherwise decorate my puerile fantasies. And one of my fantasies is to get some new and better technology so I can more easily update and share our freakish world. Anyway, new pics soon, I promise.

Lastly, I cleared out most of the porn I had collected under the aspices that it 1) looked like something I wished I was a part of or 2) looked like VSK. File this pic under "it could have been you honey, want to tell me what happened?"