Sunday, December 12, 2010

One plus one

Its been three months since we have been three together. I would like to see miss Minx more often than that but how could I possibly complain given my situation? Isn't that the funny part of being so ridiculously blessed as I am? "I want more" is the American addiction. Lately I've managed to take the lessons of rehab to heart and avoided the jones. 'Course it always helps to see the little Minx.

Our play has become more predictable, which is actually a very good thing. VSK gets me going, mouth then pussy and then she hands me off to fuck miss Minx. Ms. Minx had forgotten her medicine so just to be a bit safer I pulled out at climax. VSK made some rude comment about where my spunk had ended up and I ended up between the two vixens, wondering if there was a way to bottle the delicious liquid moment.

I took some pictures and I'll try to give you the best of what I shot but every single shot was blurry. New camera and I are not communicating yet. I'll keep trying, I'm sure you don't mind blurry pics of the kittens. Gives you more room to fantasize. Less is more, one plus one. And one.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hot and cold

After a semi-disastrous holiday of family angst and not nearly enough alcohol, VSK and I got home in time to watch the Chargers beat the living shit out of Indy. And then the kitten needed something to stun herself out of her mind.

Fisting is not something we do very often but its a neat trick when you really need to have some neurons completely wrecked for the greater good of memory destruction. The Kitten wanted and I gave the full measure of the abuse she required. I am always amazed by what the human female is capable of when she is willing to let her hair come completely down. VSK was a blast, and I needed to get blasted. We both did.

Most of the time the reason why I don't write more here is because I am so busy and I have no new pictures. I tend to want to use pictures that I have recently taken. And finally, tonight I took the time to take some pictures. Kinda artsy but it captures her better than I say. Its how I see her. I guess you could say its always two o'clock when I look at her. And then I wake up and she's still there. In all her glory. Happy Holidays. Especially when every day is a holiday.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Its a wrap

No, we are not quiting, although it would be hard to quit something that we spend so little time on. Sometimes its just not the first thing that we think about, this blog, and the stories we tell. More and more I'm thinking that is the right way. But its still nice to have an outlet for every once in a while.

Couple nights ago, we sat down to watch some bad T.V. and I thought, well, a vibrator can only make things better. VSK is addicted to her vibrator. If you offer it too her she will almost never turn it down. Moreover, when I went to plug it in she pointed out that it was better if I plugged it into a different strip, basically reminding me that this is something she does when I'm gone. By the second show she was on the floor buzzing away. Within about 2 or 3 minutes she is usually completely ready to go. I like to shove my cock down her throat as she does this, which serves two purposes; gets me ready an makes her even sluttier. I know she's in a state when she gets down on all fours. We have carpet that bites so we have to throw down a blanket or she be busted at work the next day with rug burns on her knees and in this case, elbows too. The view from this evenings activities was just what I needed. And the sounds that come out of my wife when she's getting it like this are such a delightful soundtrack. A couple hard slaps on the ass just to make the pony buck and its a rodeo. Finally, add the image in my mind of all the other guys who have rode the horse this way and its a cuck & fuck happening. Dandy fun indeed.

About a month ago I came back from a trip with an idea, like I often do and executed it to perfection. If you haven't tried bondage with saran wrap, you should. I guess I was inspired by Dexter or something. I put missy on a chair at the foot of the bed and put her bracelets on. After tying her to the bed I wrapped her to the chair. By the time I got to actually torturing her she was just dripping. Her clit was so engorged it stood out double its normal size and she couldn't hide it from me. I toyed with shaving her for a bit but finally I just needed my release and we ended up on the bed instead of tied to it. The shaving became a request demand from me and she's shorn her lips which gives her cooch a real outstanding visage. Highly recommended for proper pussy licking access and general slatternliness. I just got a new camera so I'll be photoing soon this new look.

Got some fun planned in the next month so I'll probably be back her sooner rather than later. Have a great one folks!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So we have been busy

I love having two women to deal with, to woo, to make love to. At first blush, what man would not want such an bounty? Still our Vegas party was demanding in a way, and frankly I felt like I wasn't performing well enough. I'm supposed to be an unlimited amount of desire, correct? I'm supposed to always to be able to rise to the occasion. Super stud, that's me, oh yeah.

Oh such bullshit is not what I have ever been about. We partied very hard night one in the city of sin, on the 17th floor, on the corner, the perfect view of the world and what not. And I couldn't, didn't, wouldn't anyway I failed to be the stud that I was supposed to be. And the bitches, lovers that they are, could care less. Sorta. Basically. They waited, like the little predators they really are. Were. Can be. It was OK.

And then, back at the hotel room, the moment in bloom, my cock buried deep in the Minx, ms. VSK with a vibrator between her legs, egging my on I found myself so completely in the moment, so committed to the feeling, coming , that I was wondering if I was going to survive this orgasm because it was as if I was being pulled out of myself, gone to everything I assumed I was. Would this stop? This little minx beneath me, would she be a permanent member of my life, my hopes, my dreams? Shit if I know right?

As the normality of VSK and my everyday existence takes over, those few moments in Vegas recede and we go back to being normal folks. And yet I want them both, together, my women, working toward the impossible and being, in the end, my best friends in the world.

So yeah, we had some fun in Vegas. What else is new? Have a great day my friends!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Going back to Eden

For the last, I don't know, decade or so I have been not only developing a rather different type of lifestyle, I have been saying, to anyone who will listen, that you don't have to accept things as they are. And VSK and I, and now Minx, have worked pretty hard and communicating and figuring out all the little packets of crap that have been infiltrated into our minds over the years about monogamy and what is "normal" and we've gone ahead and decided that we can figure out for ourselves what will work. And it has. And being freaks doesn't really bother any of us because in some way, we have always been freaks. Freaks are good.

A new book is out and while it might not unfreakify us, its a step in the right direction. Sex at Dawn is a new book of evolutionary psychology that bascially notes that from an evolutionary point of view, monogamy is a late addition to human behavior, most likely associated with the rise of agriculture. I won't spend a lot of time discussing it right now, but I do think I will in the future refer to this book again and again. But let me cut to the chase.

While I haven't read the ending, the authors suggest that we might be able to return to Eden, so to speak, avoiding the stupid traps of monogamy that so capture our agricultural minds. One sex therapist who reviewed the book seem to think this fanciful, as its all about the competition in society and hence, fighting for pussy must continue. Well, fuck that. Sharing is most likely going to be the only way us humans get out of the mess we are in. If it starts in the bedroom, far out. I'll be the Che Guevarra of cuckoldry.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I can't help but notice that there is something odd about this year. Perhaps its not just the year but some sort of year of reckoning that started for us some time in late 2009 but continues. We've lost a lot of folks during this time. And that is part of life, maybe a part that pushes us to explore what we desire with complete honesty. Full-on fearless. It is the only way to go forward.

VSK and I keep having interesting things happen to us on the play front. In a restaurant out of town we were having some drinks with Minx and noticed a couple watching us. We had borrowed a chair from them so we could sit together and the banter started. And pretty soon they had bought us some shots and VSK had leaned into the fellow. The woman, a lovely Puerto Rican lass nursing a 3 day old kitten in her lap(!) was very interested in our little menage. I mentioned to the man that we both had two pussies and the play was on. Minx is not crazy like us, and didn't really want to get involved with this couple. But the opportunity was there. I won't soon be forgetting her warm handshake as we left, her lingering touch warm and soft. VSK was all turned up and on and the two proceeded to ravish me once we got back to the hotel. The devoured me. Nothing beats teamwork.

VSK continued to ramp up the heat all weekend. We've been seducing another couple to the dark side and she got the mouthful she desired, although it took her a couple of days. I then proceeded to give her a second helping, which must have set some sort of record. And records, as they say, are meant to be broken. All it takes is team work. I can hardly wait for the next event!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

So how long you been swinging for?

Apropos of nothing, a very hot and drunk blond turns to us at our favorite spot and says, "so how long have you been swinging for?" And given that we have not done anything to suggest it, other than I had tolerated her running her hands through my hair, as had VSK, it was an interesting line. What was more interesting was that I just took one quick look at VSK and we started to tell her. Unfortunately, she had to run off because her ride wanted to go, but it was pretty funny. And now I think I have a line I can use in the future with other couples who we might run into and who are flirtatous and appear to have a sense of humor. Because they can always say no, and I can always use this story to back off the situation if necessary.

No need to go into a long winded reprise of why we haven't posted. Too much work, too much travel, too much time not on our hands. Here's some pics from last night's photo shoot, our first in a while. Sorry for the reverse order on the pics. Blogger is sort of a pain at times

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tighty Whities

VSK and I were laughing our heads off today, because we realized that we need to practice fighting at this point of our relationship. She was burning up, probably more peri-menopause than anything else but it made the afternoon mighty silly. This morning she just lay there while I was fucking away and trying not to laugh. Little bitch! She wiggled her ass just enough to make me cum, which was her goal, I guess, that and fucking with me. We are on our way to Hawaii in a week and then some S Cal fun, some wedding, a Sierra trip and a Vegas trip in Sept. Fun is work. Don't be a pussy and spend all your energy making money for your corporation. They don't care for you like we do . . .

Enjoy the bad photo!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boots back on?

My last post threatened to be my last post but the comment by anonymous got me to thinking that my real problem is with expectations, not blogging. In the back of my mind was this comment I read somewhere that if a blog isn't updated every blank length of time then its dead. And I didn't want to be the owner of a dead blog. But almost dead? Like the scene (Princess Bride) with Billy Crystal. "There's dead and there's almost dead. Big difference."

With that in mind I started looking around and found quite a few interesting blogs that I hadn't noticed before and thought, well, if once in a blue moon is how often we blog, then so be it. I have always know I have to blog for me/us, and not for an audience, but as a writer I am very aware of audience when I write that is always lingering in my head. Getting back to writing from a more internal perspective would seem to be the key. Its worth a shot.

In our play world, a lot has been going on. We found a couple, or that is to say, we rediscovered a old pair of friends who, when we were much younger, we were very close to in a more traditional way. Now, like us, with the kids grown and most of the angst that goes with making a living diminished if not quite gone, we find that they think about things about the same as we do and crave the same things. Which includes swapping wives/husbands. Hey, works for us.

We just had our second WSW with them and its getting better with each experience. WSW, wife swap weekend, is the third derivative of all play experiences for us. MFF/FMF and MFM are both part of our history, and I do love them both, each for different reasons. WSW in no exception, it banishes the green monster that sometimes appears in FMF and seems a bit easier for VSK than MFM. MFM is really difficult so its really more like MF and M watching at a distance because if the M's are too close it might seem like MMF and that is a whole 'nother world. And not a fantasy I've entertained. Just sayin.

My crazy schematics aside, the fact that these friends also like sex makes it easy for our friendship to re blossom, as that is where VSK and I now stand. We like hanging with couples even if they aren't privy to our intimacies. We will sometimes meet a couple and there is that pause that says, "I wonder if they are swingers" and they might be thinking that too and we just let it slide because we really aren't into risking that just for the hell of it. But it seems likely that people know, and someday someone is going to ask us that question and boy will they be surprised with the answer, especially if our response, "are you guys?!" and their response "yes" lead to an interesting adventure. The world is changing. And not all of the change is bad I would say.

VSK really really liked her time with the Mr. and I have certainly enjoyed myself. As a cuck of sorts, I guess I fixate much more on what kitten gets than what I get. And she got a lot, including the opportunity to lead a novice down the garden path of playtime. I get awfully spoiled with Minx and kitten and the two of them basically treating me to whatever I want (and boy do I hunger for that) but its good to see VSK get nailed in just the way she wants it. Now I'm just a bit green, actually, and it feels good in a way. Makes my mojo jump. Pure energy at a time when I could use some.

Well, we are getting fired back up and this is the point of the whole sheebango. Staying fired up. In the words of one of my heroes let me just say: Good Times! Put those boots on and let's play.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About Done

This blog has run its course. Of course, it could run for some more time, but I'm frustrated with it. When we started off, we were at the edge of a precipice, trying to push off. Well, off we went and its been very very useful to write and document where we have come from and where we are now. And that is just the thing, we are no longer much interested in taking naked pictures and getting the exhibitionistic fervor of VSK up and running. She and I are now more into seeing people face to face and just being ourselves to the extent that the people in front of us can handle it. And since we have a large circle of people who can handle it, we don't really need the affirmation that this blog once provided us.

Since we once had fans, and since I haven't posted for ten weeks I imagine they are all on to greener pastures now, I will delay for a period of time maybe a day or maybe a month ending this blog. We may decide simply to change it in some way that will give us more freedom to explore the new avenues that we now find ourselves upon. I would like to write and not simply show off VSK and while I have done that in the past, I don't see that happening here. Maybe I am wrong. Email us or comment if you think that you can explain to us why we should continue to feed this blog. Don't be worried if what you say is not complimentary: truth is preferred. If you just want to see more dirty pics, send us an email and make it personal enough that VSK might want to comply. I love her, but she needs to "man up" and take care of her own laundry as far as blogging goes. I'm done. I think. And I am really grateful to all of you who commented, lingered, etc etc over the last couple of years. I learned a lot, and now I am putting it to use. Good Times!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It is getting to be that the hardest part of seeing Minx is watching her leave. We all have very normal, very busy lives that dominate a huge part of our existence, but the interludes spent with her and VSK are becoming what we anticipate that makes some of that normal drudgery tolerable. At the moment we have vague ideas about when we will get together again. And that can make the toil a bit more to take. But those moments do linger. And that helps a great deal.

My fondest wishes would of course be something a little more regular, but hey, I am not complaining. VSK, as the lead vixen in this two vixen world of mine, might like that, but then again, she needs to know that she is still the queen of all of my dreams. Which she is. But I need to proclaim it publicly from time to time. The two of them take off and do girl things, which makes me happy. When the three of us get together now it not just all sex and drink and rock and roll. Not all that. But some of that for sure.

As you can probably tell we had a delightful weekend and got to do most everything we had planned in our minds. The locales were interesting both at night and during the day, we did new things and old things and basically just had a relaxing time. The sex was less rushed, which made it better, more in sync with our days than controlling our time. Let's face it, I am a horn dog and if you put me in the position of getting whatever I want whenever I want it, I'm going to come damn close to killing myself. Or die trying. Something like that.

I'll invite the two of them to post about the weekend from their perspectives, although as they are both workaholics, I don't hold out a lot of hope for that eventuality. Have a great week folks and keep dreaming for your fondest desires.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hot water

When Minx and VSK first met, it was under some duress. A fortuitous stream of events lead to me introducing the two of them, and its fair to say that both of them took a considerable plunge to move things forward. VSK was responsible for developing a scenario, involving blindfolds and tying them together and to the bed that ended up making the whole absurd moment work. This also involved rather copious amounts of vodka. Necessary then but now, not so much. Its better to do these sorts of things with a clear head.

Both of the little kittens have requested a reprise. I look forward in the near future to again having them submit to whatever torrid cruelties I can conjure. And then VSK will switch and I'll have to endure her scratching on another post. Or so I hope. Should make for an interesting time.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Truss . . . t.

It takes a lot of security to make a modern relationship work. The good old days weren't so good for women, and the smallishness of much of ancient life made privacy and fairness a rarity rather than a norm. It takes a lot for a woman such as VSK, who really takes no foolish shit in her daily life to allow me, in a fit of visual lust to put her ass on the line. Granted, the image I had in mind was even more humiliating in a way, with all limbs tied together as one. But I didn't want to damage her. As it was, I didn't really plan on fucking her for as long as this situation lasted, but she was purring and grateful afterwards. She's really not that much of a submissive, either that or she really needs more discipline that I'm comfortable dishing out. As it was, we reached that fine high place of complete connection, where every little movement speaks its flithy mouth and we end up screwing as gods. Or so my cock told me, drunk as he was, on her intoxicating quim. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting closer to Spring

The beginning of every new year often becomes overwhelming with deadlines and work projects. After a while, that becomes a buzz kill that drives me away from my favorite activity, which would be spending time with VSK doing just about anything. Everything seems just a bit off-kilter. We got away for the weekend just past, but now I want more. We have a couple of fun weekend planned for the next to months, but again, I want more. I wonder if the kitten will be in the mood to play this weekend. Its kinda what I always am wondering. Will we connect with each other, or others or others and each other? When we go out now with other couples, straights and we're the keepers of a very wild secret, we sort of size them up and have a good time. But we'd like to have a bad time if you know what I mean. Here's to hoping something pops up this weekend. Or next. Or the week following. Soon enough we'll have Minx to focus on, and that always gets things popping.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The footwear fashion of the moment for women seems to be boots. Part of this has to be about the weather, but there's something in the air besides precipitation. Are women today saying something about their desires with all these shin high heels parading around. I'm developing a bit of a foot fetish lately. If you don't spend some time examining female footwear, you're in for a treat. I did a lousy job getting VSK with her boots on, from a photographer perspective. But I did bend her over the bed and really have a good time with that ass of hers. I'll try some more booty shots soon.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


VSK was a little bitch this morning. She rarely snaps at me, but I kind of like it when she does. Because now she'll be a tad contrite, which translates to submissive. Its always fun when she submits. Happy HnT.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fleur de Lis

It should be mentioned that Minx is a southern girl and that having the Saints win the Superbowl is going to make her impossible to deal with in all football matters. VSK, before game time, said to no one in particular and everyone in general that "if the Saints win, I get a Fleur de Lis tattoo." She has, as you can probably tell, no tattoos. That is apparently going to change. There was much grab ass ery during yesterday's proceedings and it was decided that the left butt check was the leading contender in the location derby. Suggestions are welcome . . .

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

VSK takes pictures too

I was giving VSK some grief this morning about not contributing to this blog. She claims that posing is emotionally taxing (ha!) and requires focus. I went through the archives and came up with these pics from her phone. VSK sends me pictures, and some of her other lovers pictures, to entice, tease, cajole, heckle and what not. So this is "her" contribution.

We have been frequenting a particular bar lately and making new friends. In fact we have become quite the scandalous couple, with our sometimes nearly exposed lifestyle slipping out after a few too many glasses of what ever special vintage is going around that night. So we play and the servers play back. Its fun and the cameraman topic comes up from time to time.

One particular couple who works there stimulates our interest quite a bit. Probably too young for us but its fun to fantasize. That teasing flirtatious nature in VSK works wonder on men and women too. I think this is how we distract ourselves while we wait for the next visit from Minx.

Finding people to share "libations and sensations that stagger the mind" has become easier over the years. I often read about couples new to exploring that ask, "how do you find people who we might want to play with?" The answer becomes a tautology with experience. Want the right people. For the right reasons. Communicate that honestly and the rest seems to take care of itself.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The next great thing

When we first started "opening up" our lives as described in this blog, there was that palpable sense of discovery that makes any new relationship heady, and which drove a lot of the posts. If VSK didn't like exhibitionism, if I didn't find the thought of her with another man (or woman) exciting, if digital cameras didn't exist, then there would be no blog. A lot of the comments are simple affirmations of VSK and her exploits, and that does her fine. I'm satisfied with that too and any longer examinations of why and how and with whom that I make are often written because I just want to be able to savor VSK as well and for as long as I can. Thanks to all of your are in order, even lurkers, because you help keep me interested in posting. And while I am not a good blogger, that is an affirmation I'm glad for, as good bloggers are imho often too seeped in their dimension to notice some other dimensions. We all need to get a life.

All this said, I do like showing pictures that show VSK off. They come in a few flavors. Number one these days is certainly ass. Second might be VSK and Minx. It might also be VSK getting disciplined. Or it might just be VSK in some other pose. I've asked before for suggestions, but really, I don't need suggestions. VSK needs suggestions. If you want me to be a better blogger, you need to make her happier, not me. I am already quite happy thank you very much. So, as I plan to myself, plan on being more demonstrative of your appreciation of VSK, more suggestive as to her appearance, or lastly, more salty in your comments. It's all good. Thanks for helping make it so.

Blurry I know but you get the point.