Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year End(s)

Ah,that's too easy. Its been a very very interesting year, 2009. And 2010 promises to be ever more interesting. I've got a pile of major projects coming at me, like baboons on crack, that'll I'll need to dodge and weave through if I am going to make the progress I have in mind. We are planning several rendevous with Minx in the coming year and that does much to take the pressure off. So here's to another great year and more rear to come. Something like that. And happy HNT while I'm at it.
Oh, btw, the song lyrics are from Ian Dury. I'll come up with something less obscure next time.

Monday, December 21, 2009

and a little bit of that, ho ho!

Can you tell me who lyrics I've been cribbing? Nah? Its OK, I'm feeling obtuse and a tad grumpy. VSK needs a good licking, and not like the one I gave her yesterday. Time to get out the paddle and let her know that I am displeased. Very displeased. She knows why. Its good to know that there are simple solutions to these yuletime problems.

BTW, if you can tell me who the lyrics are from (the last two posts) I'll send you a custom pick (your request, don't ask for the physically impossible or identifiable). Keep in mind this offer expires 12/25.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A little bit of this

A quick jaunt to a big city. Blindfold Minx and bind her to a chair. Take off the blindfold and force her to watch as VSK sucks me, and then I fuck her mouth. Flip over my wife and fuck her so that Minx can watch me pound her, again and again. Don't forget to pull lots of hair. All this and more, but no cameraman. Oh, they say they want to but . . .

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This post makes the 150th post on CMVSK. We have been crazy busy, but the upcoming months should prove to be fun and hopefully camera worthy. Here's an old pic, retouched. I have no real talent but the subject is full of something special. I think I'll keep playing with different pics from this series as it was a favorite. Bondage is something we play with more than rely on, but I know if I really want to make her a quivering mass bendable to my will, a little restraint and some spanking seem to do the trick. We get to see the Minx briefly soon, and I have a little surprise in mind for both of them which will involve all of the above. I could sure use a cameraman though . . .

Thursday, November 19, 2009

HNT: Them Crooked Desires

Well I must admit that I have been having entirely too much fun to bother much with blogging. This is how it goes. You start blogging because you want a certain type of experience, you fantasize about it, you plot, you scheme, you cajole, you take baby steps and eventually if you are just the right kind of monkey, you might actually discover some pretty cool stuff about you and your partner(s). The two felines worked me over pretty well and I returned the favor with some leather work of my own. Its pretty interesting how engaged VSK will get after a good spanking, eventually desiring more and more. And Minx is good with following directions (most of the time) helping me leave my darling wife perfectly wrecked and sated. Never planned this, didn't even really fantasize about the MFF triad much. Not complaining. Not a wit.

What's next? Well, a trip to Portland to see Them Crooked Vultures. It was cool that they streamed the cd in its entirety before releasing it, but its sonically a whole better animal if you buy the cd. And of course as an addict I'll have to get it in vinyl and download the iTunes because there are two bonus tracks etc etc. You really can't have too much good stuff. Really.

The picture above was from Sunday after the Minx had left and VSK wanted another spanking just for good measure. The one below is from March or so I think, promised in a previous post and now very tardily delivered. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

no nekkid pic but

I am a complete fan of all things Josh Homme. And Dave Grohl ain't chopped liver. John Paul Jones has joined these two gits and given us Them Crooked Vultures. Go. Listen. Free. The supergroup is back. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A year ago . . .

Despite the best laid (ha) plans of VSK and myself, we just haven't done a good photo shoot for a while. I decided to look back a year ago and see if there were some pictures I missed. I mean, I know that there are a lot of good pictures that haven't seen the light of this blog, but I am afraid of duplication so I tend to skew toward trying to come up with some new shit. Ah, but the old shit is pretty damn good, judging by this shot. Hope it makes you shoot. Or makes somebody shoot you, in a nice way, of course. Happy Thursday!

By the way, I've got another in the vein if you want. Only a little closer and naughtier. (Pander pander pander . . .)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just her

I am a shitty pornographer. I promise I will try to do better. Here are some pictures as a first down payment on better pornography. You can make suggestions. I am ready for some suggestions. Now excuse me while I go fuck VSK silly.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Switches and bitches

The other day I found myself enraged by VSK's insolence. I had to wipe that smirk off her face. It helps to put the collar around her neck, and then snap the leash to the collar. I threaded the leash through the bed frame, which essentially allowed me to jerk her head down, with her knees on the floor. Still she smirked, the little selfish bitch. The nice thing about a long leash is that it can be put to multiple uses. I took a goodly length of it and whipped her mocking ass hard until she finally began to see that I can switch from cuckold to master if the bitch warrants it. From here I rotated her to my cock. That was really satisfying, and she put some effort into sucking me from her knees while I stood. I finally rolled her on the bed and relieved myself in her still defiant pussy. That's the problem and the pleasure of this kitten, she has layers and layers of camouflage. The Minx, she's a bit easier to dominate, perhaps simply because she is just not as physically strong. She craves to be used like this, and frankly this post is for her. VSK, she knows what I want. Yet she still spends a lot of time resisting. These are pleasant problems, vexing, but pleasant. Women are complex creatures, and I am a glutton for punishment, giving and receiving.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

HNT: Vegas

We had a nice time in the city of sin, but there was a lot less sinning going on than I would have preferred. This view would pass for normal outside by the pool at Hard Rock Hotel, where they have waitresses who dress in bikini's that show an equivalent amount of tail. We may not have played like rock stars but we certainly ate like rock stars. Or was that summo wrestlers? Anyway, the weather was perfect, the gambling fair, the sights prurient, and the beds comfy. I'm sure we'll be back soon, to either the land of sin, or Sin City. Here's to whatever comes first!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Knowing that its unlikely that I will be posting tomorrow, I thought I'd take a moment to be ahead of the curve for a change. Now this is no HNT post, its rather better than that. This particular picture was taken for my benefit, that is, I'm not this big. And with any kind of luck this type of behavior may repeat itself this weekend. At heart, all my roosterish pride aside, I get a big thrill out of VSK's seducing or using or being used by another man. Bigger than the menage a trois you might ask? Not bigger or smaller, ahem, just different. With men its more pure sex I suppose, it gets to something kind of primal for me. I like sharing her, and it usually, if not right then and there two guys banging away, just a matter of hours before I get whatever she gave away. These little mementos I get are kinda key but even if its just her telling me the stuff she did its all good. Practice makes perfect. She might not be perfect but she's very, very good. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

HNT: Commands

Its been awhile since I have had these two sexed up cats at my beck and call. They both crave attention, kind words, the low murmur of a man slowly running his hands across their breasts from behind, the hot breath and teeth on their necks. They like to be commanded to please to be pleased, to please each other. Last night I was away and all I could do is demand that they send me some tokens of their obedience. Kinda blurry obedience but what the hey? I know they like to hear about what you would do to them. I know they have ideas of what they will do to each other, soon, in the bright humming madness of desire.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

HNT: Thursday is the new Friday

I love Thursday's. By this time of year, since taking a real vacation seems like a fantasy I will never make happen, I burn some of my PTO on Friday's. Kitten gets every other Friday off so we try to take mini-vacations every month. Even when we don't get Friday's off together, we relish Thursday's because we enjoy watching the original CSI (even without Grissom) and this Friday a friend is coming to visit. Maybe even some hanky panky. I'm sure that kitten will be in this position before next week comes. Although she may have her hands and talents occupied with more than she does here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rear Window

There's a Hitchcock move, Rear Window, that focusses on voyeurism. Apparently, there is a new New York hotel, the Standard Hotel, that encourages its patrons to have sex or walk about naked, as they are adjacent to a new park in the old meatpacking district. Its the new hot fun thing to do for tourists and New Yorkers. And here is a picture of VSK's swimsuit covered ass. I don't know what these things have in common other than I enjoy being a voyeur watching VSK do her thing and the word "rear" is conjured by this picture. There you go, I'm officially nuts on Monday.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Have a drink on me HNT

I've noticed some of the more popular bloggers, in terms of content, basically reprint the lyrics to some song they like and then show us a nice pic of their best cheese and viola, a lot of lonely guys tell them how damn good looking they are and before you know it, they got 40 comments. As a comment whore myself, this sorta grates on my nerves, given that as man I 1)usually don't really want to know the lyrics to the latest Nickelback song (shit, I'm sure they are great and damn last night I found myself enjoying a Rascal Flatts!!! song on America's got talent . . . probably because of the use of dangerous chemicals and the Mark West Pinot Noir pictured below) and 2) you don't really want to see me wearing a crotchless catsuitin a picture taken from a camera with vaseline smeared all over its lens. And I sure as hell don't think I want lonely men writing about how they would dig to see that, now do I? So, grumpily I think I just leave you alls (all eleven of you) with a snippet of AC/DC (more weird rumblings deep in my psyche thinking about my song choice after the ramblings above) some Mark West and my wife's tits, covered in polkadotty fabric. Its fucking Thursday. That's almost Friday which is basically the weekend. Rock on!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Up to . . .

The fallow period of blog writing has been brought to you by the four boobs indicated above. I have been rendered without a muse by the under debasement and sensory overload that our summer adventures occasioned. Managing decent communication requires time and effort, and my effort has been mostly to drag my ass back to the bedroom one more time to see if I can finish myself off. Its been close. But I'm beginning to feel the rumblings of thought returning. Not sure if that's a good thing.

I was reading a book on the Chumash tribe at the time of European contact and it was suggested by some of the very first Europeans that the head chiefs had two wives. I know that its unlikely though not impossible that our little menage a trois could become a more permanent arrangement, and even more unlikely that I am a "head chief" but the comfortable fun we have as a trio is pretty hard to beat. Its not just the sex folks, its the laughing, hanging out, talking, just basically enjoying every moment part of the time we get that makes me want to go back to that space in the world again and again. VSK knows that she will always be the woman that I have created myself for, but the minx and her seem well satiated with each other. This is not to say that there are not flashes of green that occasionally muster forward. But truth be told it was VSK, more than myself really, that has made this unusual relationship flower. The two of them send virtual flowers (pictures of flowers that is) nearly every day. She has never been one to want to spend time with the girls, so it warms my heart to see her acting this way. The minx and I are both aware we need to be less negative in this world and she is our model. And yes indeed, there are things three can do that two cannot. Lots of things actually. Now if I could just get the two of them to blog we'd be back to producing some content. Here's hoping I can . . .

Friday, September 11, 2009

Not dead yet

Is this the end? Ha. With three jobs, two mistresses, and any number of other distractions, I just haven't felt the mojo to write. Post. Whatever. I'd like to tell you about watching the two kittens play, or vsk undulating in a lawn sprinkler but that is so three weeks ago. My mind gets activated by what might happen and that requires planning. Right now, I'm not sure what I am going to have for lunch. I will say that I did have this dish for the last two nights and it was delicious. Not that I swallowed anything exactly, rather I was the main course. Both of us would rather be home in bed than "working" but there are bills to pay. Hope you all have a great weekend. You never know what might happen!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More sex . . . blogging

Part of the bad blogger phenomenon is the loss of the narrative thread. People like to read stories. In sex blogging, they either like to get pulled into the lust maelstrom of a couple or individual who is headed in a direction they favor, or they want to see dirty bits. As a content provider, which is what you become once the fantasy becomes the reality and you feel you owe something to the people who have left you comments, after a while it becomes like a job to keep up, rather than a channel to explore. VSK has to look at computer screens all day and so do I, so when we are home we are not so interested in updating this site. So we are bad bloggers.
The fantasy becoming reality is also a virtual buzz kill. Why write about what we are doing? Doing is a lot more fun. And the last year has seen us move more in the direction of polyamory rather than dogging. I do enjoy seeing VSK in action with another man, but it doesn't seem to ever be that easy or as relaxed as the time we spend with the Minx. And, uh, maybe this is a no brainer but my itch is pretty well scratched by having the attentions of the two of them placed on me.
I'm not complaining about anything, just blogging. Finding anything to write about is the first step into writing more, and I've got contractual duties to write more. Call this priming the pump. My pump is going to get primed a whole lot real soon. I can hardly wait to get back to my favorite place in the world, which would be in bed with the two of them. And if it seems right, I'll write about it. And take some damn pictures . . .

Friday, August 21, 2009

Freaking Lasers

If you have any cultured comedic sensitivity, the idea of freaking lasers should always bring a rise or at least a response when suggested. If Austin Powers, "do I make you horny baby?" isn't the patron saint of sex blogging, then at least his question certainly quantifies as rule number one. And if you are wondering why lasers are on my mind, its simply because VSK and I saw the most amazing Ghostland Observatory show with lots and lots of freaking lasers in it. And, dear god forgive me, we were sober as judges. Hallucinogens would have been so redundant had we used them what ever brain matter we retained would have been in danger of leaking out and puddling on the floor. The modern 20 and 30 somethings probably don't realize how much cooler these freaking lasers were the ones deployed on my generation. In fact, we were maybe the oldest folks there. And even with the oodles of pulchritude jigging about, I think I had the best pussy in the house with me. Here's a shot of our afternoon pre-fuck shoot. The shoot before the shoot, as it were. Great lasers, great pussy. An accident? I don't think so. . .

Rock on!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

HNT: Two for one

We've been bad bloggers, which in my book means we've been having more fun in the real world than the virtual one. Hey, it is what it is. Its not like your paying for anything, right.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Polka Dots

Witness is away on yet another business trip. Happily, this one takes him to the hometown of our sweet Minx. The two of them, with my blessing, will spend an evening together. I wish them a night of wild abandon! I will be heading to the area tomorrow, and Minx will join us for a special weekend with wine tasting, soaking in natural-fed mineral hot springs and some tender, loving care (great mutual sexploits). I am so excited with anticipation, just typing this makes my nipples erect and my loins pulsate!

I have discovered a way to wrestle with that little green monster (jealously). I just need to be “distracted” for a bit! Sunday night a long-time friend and occasional physical player joined me for a swim and more. It proved to be a delightful evening, even if it was cut a little short by the unexpected early arrival of the daughter (yikes, good thing I had a ready excuse for his visit). Monday night Playmate came…over for some contact. I do enjoy sucking the come out of him, and he really produced for me. Usually, we have to be quite sly as the kids are about, but we were all alone, and we made good use of the time. It was fun and chummy. The best part was the phone sex with Witness each night as I recounted my adventures and encouraged him (and myself) to climax.

I very nearly had a third at bat with a special work acquaintance, but the logistics just couldn’t be worked out. We certainly had some fun texting (or sexting as I think it is now called) into the night. I was in quite a frenzy and I’m sure the electric bill will reflect my wild night of fantasy and self-satisfying activities (naughty kitty with her toys). Workmate is one man I really want to add to my stable (geez, does that sound crass?). I have a rain check to look forward to and I sure as hell hope I can keep up the nerve and follow through. Today we discussed opportunities to engage at work, but decided (wisely so) that this would be way too risky, especially since we want to remain employed. Anyone have work-related tryst stories to share?

How do you like my new bra and panties? I picked them up at that little lingerie shop in Portland. I went there for just a bra to match a gift of panties and little skirt Witness had purchased (he got a matching set for Minx). The proprietress is so friendly and can size up a person very well. She gets you into her dressing room and then just starts handing beautiful, sexy little things in for you to try. It really is a great place! Witness and I had wanted to go in together just to see how she would handle it since it had just been a week since he was there (I’m sure she would have been completely professional), but the store was closed at the time.

Happy HNT y’all! Love, hugs and kisses!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two for Tuesday

Been traveling a lot and enjoying a bit of free time in between appointments. We both have found that we really like Portland, Oregon. Maybe next time we go up we'll find a swing club. We had a great time with Minx a few weeks ago and should be seeing her again in a couple weeks. Its a interest privledge to travel in this day and age, waking up and thinking, "where the heck are we?" And those days where you start in one state and end up in another (literally and figuratively) can become sublime moments of reflection. We have a pretty great existence.

If VSK and I go two days without sex, it seems like a month lately. This morning she said, "I'd really like to have sex again." Let's see, she gave me a stunning hand job Saturday, we had sex both days this weekend, and we probably took Friday off due to the monthly visit. Ok, so I guess I'm going to have to put out tonight. Sheesh!

PS. Trying some stuff with exposure and cropping. Hope you like.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Last . . .

Guess what (who) was on the menu? The cooks decided matching costumes were appropriate.

A little minx . . .

and a kitten . . .
And as you all know, herding cats is not exactly easy, even if it is necessary some times.
Have a happy 4th people! Freedom!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The whole toolbox

Well, we're sitting here in the front yard recovering from trying to use just about everything in the toolbox. And let's also point out that my tool has been in every box, repeatedly, and has basically been treated with extreme disregard for the owner's over all well being. Let me say as well that this is my first blog post pinned between both freaking editors (arms folded btw), which of course really makes it so much easier. "He amuses himself," says VSK. Yeah well I can barely think, let alone type. Five sessions in the last 36 hours, since Minx arrived to spend a couple of nights with us. We are all pretty spent at this point.

We had to post the picture above because it was just too funny. After the last fuckfest, everything got chucked over the side, used and discarded in the frenzy to see if they could kill themselves, each other or me. We live, so far. The night ain't over yet . . .

We'll post some cheesecake later. For now, let your imagination be your fodder.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

HNT: Gone fishing

Well I'm rushing to get a post done before heading out of town for some business and pleasure. Not that kind of pleasure, you perves. Healthy outdoor pleasure. Some fishing too. Posting is sorta like fishing, you hope you get folks to rise to the bait. Here's the lure fishes, gonna bite?
Panties by Minx btw. Soon we'll get to see more than her panties. Yowr!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

HNT: Dirty cats

I'd just sat down to watch the third quarter of the Lakers game. Then this vision showed up. "I am no longer interested in watching the Lakers game," I said. Then I put her cuffs on and tied her up. I only got to see the last minute of the game, which was desultory, not satisfying like VSK's mouth.
All of this because of what she and the Minx had been texting to each other. Read the previous post if what to know more about that. I doubt many will, I know that the dirty animals that view this blog want more prurient images like this. So thank the Minx. Soon I'll be tying her up and using her mouth like I used a horny VSK Tuesday night.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mid-week dump

Well I certainly could have thought of a better title no doubt, but this is what I got. VSK has been sending me some pictures lately as I have been travelling here and there. Pardon the resolution, the graininess. The boobs, however, are outstanding imho.

I've been asking and getting shots from both the little vixens. They even send each other pics, which warms the cockles of my demented heart. They conspire. They plan. They may even be conniving. All this is pure joy to prurient brain. They scheme and by doing so they feed me a kind of power, ammo if you will for my top side to exhibit when next I get them in my clutches. That date has been planned and I am counting the days with relish and a type of wolfish glee that suffuses VSK and my love-making with tendrils of flickering lust and desire. Not a bad place to be, psychologically speaking.
VSK and I have been talking lately about the switch, being the switch, switching back and forth between hunted and hunter, between the lamb and the lion, cuckold and sadistic rake. I personally think that there is something that both cools yet sharpens my erotic side that I can move from one to another. Last night while she pleasured me she hissed about how she'd sucked another man off that day (fantasy-for now) and answered with strong affirmation how she'd cheat on me again. That does rile me pretty good, and some make a full sexual living off of that freak. But when I tie her up, or with the addition of the minx, both of them up, I get another quite papable power that I can use to my advantage. And what man doesn't like, even if they may not essentially thrill to it for purposes of freakish advantage, being serviced like a sultan in his harem? Even those who would disapprove in some pc universe that a man should ever have such service would have to admit it something he would desire. Oh, I do. I really do.
One last note. A while back while I wasn't looking, we went over 100,000 views. I thank you out there, lurkers and especially those who comment, for the fine audience you are. She'll keep practicing her compositions as long as there are folks like you who enjoy the effort.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Guest boobs

The minx has gone to sending VSK and I little memos of her devotion. As an even more feline submissive, she needs to be ordered about from time to time to keep her puss in the type of supple form the vixen and I most enjoy. I thought a little post of her might be a good reminder that her training will continue, soon. Enjoy, we do.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thinking about my flowers

Its been an interesting week, even though I probably have some permutation of H1N1. Hysteria aside, we've seen a couple good movies, enjoyed the bounties of SoCal which often includes ridiculously nice weather when the hillsides aren't on fire, caught a good rock act and afterwards got the lead singer to sign one of her posters, flirted with a few and plumbed the depths of some really intense sex play. VSK has been very open to exploring some of her wilder notions. Let's just say that the female body has abilities that are stunning in their complexity.

The only thing lacking is our Minx, who even though resides hundreds of miles away has been next to us in our thoughts while we carry on our atypical partnership. She sends little presents which warm the cockles of VSK's and my heart. And she sent her first naughty video which provided another sublime form of heat. Here's some pics, brought to you by the flowers of one woman given to another. Spring is definitely in the air.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

HNT: self took

As I wrote last week, VSK and I had a few days apart and she sent me a lot of fun stuff. This pic is blurry but the composition is perfect to my eyes. A friend and I ordered her to take pics, vids, and like a good girl she complied. Looking forward to a compliant weekend as well . . .
PS: thanks to Minx for the panties.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Too late for HNT

VSK has been sending me a lot of fun text videos lately. Watching her play with herself is a blast for me, and she and Minx tried to pull one over on me yesterday as I am out of town. That the two of them think it great fun to tease me with threats that they are having a not so secret rendevous makes me crazy with happiness. And kitten is all on fire because she has some secret plans for real. She may not admit it, but she is looking forward to some strange cock. Maybe not strange but not my cock. Man, that really turns me on.

Lately I have been fantasizing about using VSK as a pussy for hire. How much do you think I could get for her? I mean, how much would a video of her doing whatever you desire be worth? I think the point is not to make coin, its the boundary violated. Ordering her to do things is such a blast, and doing it for strangers is doubly so. My brain is kinked. This is a perfect shape for it.

Here's a pic, and maybe I'll post a vid soon. More for me than you. But you may very well enjoy, no?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

HNT: back pain

VSK is a hurting pup this morning. Something to know about MILFs, they are somewhat more fragile than their cousins, the yet to reproduce youngster. It seems logical to me that one thing that might straighten her out would be a enormous cock. I admit, I'm not quite enormous. I could use some help. Any volunteers?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

HNT: Rose in the Garden

Quick and to the point. Take off your top honey, we got to post for HNT. Done. Smells good . . .

Thursday, April 23, 2009

HNT: Grab one

Just fooling around before bedtime. Sometimes you just gotta grab a pic. Or a boob.

Happy HNT folks!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


VSK and I took a risk when we first said "I do" over twenty years ago. And we've taken numerous risks over the years, from children to mortgages to this blog, as a team. Given that she and I have rather different communication styles, demeanor, interests (we share the sex interest big time) histories, childhoods, affinities, roles, whatever, its through our sharing of experiences that we continually build our relationship. It could be said that a relationship that's not growing is shrinking, but that's a little too simplistic for declaration. Sometimes our affair of the heart gets shunted aside for the affairs of the married life, and there are certainly ups and downs. Right now we are back to creating new memories and friendships, rolling the dice to see what might come up.

Minx certainly has risen to the top of our mutual list. Our most recent overnighter was relaxing, sensual, and at times hilarious. We usually come out of each meeting with one sharp moment of lucidity, one that lingers as a phrase in our minds that we can call up in our mundane moments for our benefit. I won't necessarily share these exact thoughts as they are our private coin of the realm, but I imagine this is what the intimacies of all who play experience from time to time. Its our private OZ, an unreal reality separate from the day to day. Will such an escape demand to see the light of daily practice? Could we or do we all want to live in a different world than the habitual one we've each built over years of investment? I don't think I am anywhere near an answer. At the moment our oddball status quo seems to work. Each of us seems content, connected and invested in further exploits.

Here's a pic of Minx and VSK. You can imagine the blurry quality is an artifact of not only a shaky hand in poor light, but a hazy reality of buzzy erotic satiation. Something like that. My women rock. I am ridiculously well off right now, economic crisis be damned.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

HNT: always playing catch up

We've been remiss in not updating the blog lately, and I know this is a common lament. So some catch up is in order, and a picture is due. Here you go.

We've been entertaining a lot of experimentation over the last few months and while there have been some misses, its mostly been hits. There are several different ways to approach playtime, and I think we have tried them all. VSK and I have gone to the swing clubs this year, and while generally we like the experience, its not perfect and can be a little impersonal. Which some people like. Its almost a requirement for some "swingers" for the sex to be with a stranger. That's really not our cup of tea.

After getting back from one such romp, one of our fwb's asked me how I got over the jealousy of VSK with others. Kind of a funny question since he enjoys her attentions. A nice question really, as he is a bit protective of her. I don't really have an answer, other than I've turned my jealousies into a fetish of sorts, and my favorite flavor is to watch her with another man. I like watching her with the Minx too, but the other day I got to watch my friend fuck her and even taped a couple of short movies of it. That is pure turn-on for me, listening to her give into it. I may even post one of the vid's here, although I don't want trouble from Blogger. Any advice on posting videos folks?

There are other channels besides fwb and swing clubs. There are online sexual match making sites that we did try once a long time ago. In fact our profile still lingers out there and the site allows folks to send free emails. We got one from a couple and may in fact meet up with them. Something about the process seems false though. Its really random luck whether you'll meet up with someone who you might connect with. And connecting just to feel naughty really is over for us. We need actual chemistry.

Where else? I'd love it if there was a blogger group face to face some day. Reading people's blogs and hearing them talk about their experiences seems to be a step up from the online dating services. For affinity, we are already writers, a shared burden that can be parsed for laughs and succor. For now, it looks like our rendezvous's with the Minx and a potential four-way play with one of VSK's work boyfriends and a recruit sound inviting, mixed in with an occasional playtime with our usual fwb. I need to have a good fantasy going and having a queue of them make the day go by more interestingly. Those things and this blog. Those of you who read and lurk, and especially those who say hey from time to time really do us a service. Thanks!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

HNT: No bustier

We bought a bustier Tuesday, with hopes to put it into action this weekend at a famous SCal gathering spot for folks of our predilictions. But I haven't taken any new pics of VSK in it, so you get this one of her from a while back. Close enough for government work.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Half-nekkid Sunday

The time, it just goes by. Big plans for this weekend became small plans as the weekly weight of shit to do grew to "no can be carefree" proportions. Last weekend was the same, the major accomplishment being a clean closet and enough clothes tossed in the Amvet's bin to equip a platoon. The highlight in the clothes lost but now found category was a black negligee which had gone missing that we bought in Portland and a Queens of the Stone Age wife-beater T emblazoned with the slogan, "I'll give you a night you'll never remember." This weekend I sold some fish and a couple of geckos I smuggled on to the mainland many moons ago, watched my college team crush its opponent in the NIT, scared our new cockatoo out of a tree after it tried to go Houdini on us, made love on the floor in front of the fireplace after re-watching Sex in the City the movie (since VSK passed out half way through the first attempt watching it Friday night), and rode back from breakfast on our bikes in the rain because we slightly misjudged the weather pattern. And yes, we took some new pics for the blog because we care about our readers. Granted, you all might not always make the top five but I swear to Bhudda, you make the top ten. Or so. Happy Sunday!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

HNT? Not really . . . butts

On one hand, I feel that I am not a good blogger. In fact, the more time goes on, the more I feel like I am blog unworthy. On the other hand, as VSK and I move into a more comfortable playspace in our relationship, the usable tension that fuels blogging has dissipated to some degree. The last two weeks we've tried some swing clubs and frankly we've had a great time. So much so that we'll most likely go back and try it again this next weekend.

Last Friday we ended up in a fun scrum with another couple, which ended after orgasms all around with those classic lines, "by the way my name is ______. " Hilarious. We also saw someone who I never in a million years would have thought goes to swinger clubs. VSK got some eye contact and came back to the scrum saying "I touched him!" More hilarity. Now we simply mention his name and we start cracking up. Truth is much stranger than fiction.

So why write a blog? Its getting well nigh on time to reinvent this one. We have become too drama free to make a good read. And as far as my far flung theories of sexual community, the world is almost ready but by the time it is the wave will have broken and washed away my identity. I see how many in our blog roll seem to be choosing their real lives over their virtual ones. This is a good thing. We all need to support our fellow freak's actions in the real world. By the way, my name is ________. Hope to see you behaving wildly in the real world.