Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It is getting to be that the hardest part of seeing Minx is watching her leave. We all have very normal, very busy lives that dominate a huge part of our existence, but the interludes spent with her and VSK are becoming what we anticipate that makes some of that normal drudgery tolerable. At the moment we have vague ideas about when we will get together again. And that can make the toil a bit more to take. But those moments do linger. And that helps a great deal.

My fondest wishes would of course be something a little more regular, but hey, I am not complaining. VSK, as the lead vixen in this two vixen world of mine, might like that, but then again, she needs to know that she is still the queen of all of my dreams. Which she is. But I need to proclaim it publicly from time to time. The two of them take off and do girl things, which makes me happy. When the three of us get together now it not just all sex and drink and rock and roll. Not all that. But some of that for sure.

As you can probably tell we had a delightful weekend and got to do most everything we had planned in our minds. The locales were interesting both at night and during the day, we did new things and old things and basically just had a relaxing time. The sex was less rushed, which made it better, more in sync with our days than controlling our time. Let's face it, I am a horn dog and if you put me in the position of getting whatever I want whenever I want it, I'm going to come damn close to killing myself. Or die trying. Something like that.

I'll invite the two of them to post about the weekend from their perspectives, although as they are both workaholics, I don't hold out a lot of hope for that eventuality. Have a great week folks and keep dreaming for your fondest desires.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hot water

When Minx and VSK first met, it was under some duress. A fortuitous stream of events lead to me introducing the two of them, and its fair to say that both of them took a considerable plunge to move things forward. VSK was responsible for developing a scenario, involving blindfolds and tying them together and to the bed that ended up making the whole absurd moment work. This also involved rather copious amounts of vodka. Necessary then but now, not so much. Its better to do these sorts of things with a clear head.

Both of the little kittens have requested a reprise. I look forward in the near future to again having them submit to whatever torrid cruelties I can conjure. And then VSK will switch and I'll have to endure her scratching on another post. Or so I hope. Should make for an interesting time.