Thursday, February 28, 2008

You can't see me

I've been having a series of bizarre yet vivid dreams. Last night was a winner as it was a sex dream with a woman I haven't thought about for years. She was a real sweety, ended up becoming a doctor. As I thought about it, it occurs to me that she was a lot like VSK, a woman everybody wanted because she was pretty sure of herself. This person, Z, had pretty much the same voice as Tatum O'Neil. That might not seem so sexy given O'Neil's playing for the other team but the fact that I can still hear it after 30 years says something. Well, here's to old memories! Real like this is still better . . . Sorry about the low quality, but you get the picture.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


"I am the hungry wolf, and I run endlessly with my mate. . ."

A favorite band is coming back to the southland, John Doe and Exene are back together apparently in some formation along with Billy Zoom and DJ Bonebrake and it will be lucky me and VSK if we get a chance to see them again, once or twice. Early in our relationship I'd volunteer that our repeated listening to this great, seminal LA punk band probably carried us over the hump as they say. When things are tough, and when we were young they were tough as we fobbed about trying to figure out the myriad emotions of twenty-something love, X pulled me through by reminding me it was us against the world, in some infinitely rewarding way. And so what was once the ideology of rock and love became a functional marriage complete with all the accutriments of success and conformity. Good and bad that, and not too unusual. What you have here is a piece of our unusual left over from the days when it took place in a slam pit.

John and Exene sure seemed to fight for something rare, and when apart they hurled the failures they brought out in each other back and forth as a way of mediating the dispute that drove their art. They've gotten older, it will be interesting to see what they offer each other. I can't imagine they are cashing in that much with a reunion tour.

As for VSK and I, our reunion last night was an X indeed. Given that the missionary position has downsides for my wrists and her ribs, we made like rockstars and did the X. She on her back and I on my rightside, we add a vibrator into that position and you got yourself a cyborg three-way. VSK was clamping down hard and I was pushing with all my might not to be ejected from the tunnel of love. By clenching my ass muscles I could make my cock bounce off something engorged and round inside her, and this coupled with Mr. Wahl the vibrator pretty much destroyed her. After her derangement, I jackhammered to a nice unloading of my worldly cares and we were both so wrecked afterwards we fell asleep crisscrossed to nirvana. Ah, the joys of union. And reunion I hope as well.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I spend a lot of time being light and salacious here. But I've got the mind of a scientist (its genetic, dad's a physicist) and I find that I'm always looking at scientific reporting from the point of view of cuck/hotwife/swinger who knows that some fair amount of our alternative behavior can be explained biologically, psychologically or sociologically. Some folks look at you like your a nut job when you start expounding pet theories behind the enjoyment of wife-sharing etc. Some folks just aren't that interested in the anthropology of their own craniums. We'll, that ain't me, babe.

There's an article in Slate I just read that explains pretty well why men have ridges on their cocks. And it explains why sloppy seconds are sloppy. It has to do with the propensity of women to cheat, and why biologically it makes sense for them to do so. I won't go through this whole theory blow by blow but basically boys are shaped the way they are so they can scoop out their rivals goo and plant their own. And when they say size matters, it may, in so much as it allows for a deeper delivery of man sauce. When your wife comes back from that next work trip, you know you will want to fuck the hell out of her. VSK and I always joked about it as "reclaiming my territory." Turns out we were right according to the theoretical biologists.

All this matters not in the realm of justification, because I don't really hew to what is right and proper in all matters matrimonial. On this day in celebration of romantic love I'd like nothing better than a three-way. But given that its Survivor night and the VSK is a fan, I'll settle for her happiness and a late night rogering. She'll get this valentine and maybe a surprise or two. Our biological wiring, and keeping an open mind to it, provides quite a few surprises to the couple that listens carefully.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

HNT Catch-up

I've noticed a trend amongst the adult bloggers I read. It seems like January or maybe its just winter and the holidays correlates with fewer posts. I know that VSK and I have cooled a bit. Its not that we aren't enjoying each other but that fiery flirtatous playfulness that drives the theme behind this blog seems to have gone on a bit of a vacation. I came home last night and she was charged up, bit me a couple of times playfully and we wrestled on the floor. But by the time we got to bed, the jets had cooled and while we managed up enough steam to knock one out, it was more a tribute to our respect for our sex life and each other than something with its own energy. I'm not complaining. Love often trumps lust. Lusty days lay ahead, not doubt. The weather is warming and with it our libidos.

I'll put multiple pics out today. Trying to catch-up. Or maybe trying to catch-on, as in on-fire. Here's hoping you do too!