Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tighty Whities

VSK and I were laughing our heads off today, because we realized that we need to practice fighting at this point of our relationship. She was burning up, probably more peri-menopause than anything else but it made the afternoon mighty silly. This morning she just lay there while I was fucking away and trying not to laugh. Little bitch! She wiggled her ass just enough to make me cum, which was her goal, I guess, that and fucking with me. We are on our way to Hawaii in a week and then some S Cal fun, some wedding, a Sierra trip and a Vegas trip in Sept. Fun is work. Don't be a pussy and spend all your energy making money for your corporation. They don't care for you like we do . . .

Enjoy the bad photo!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boots back on?

My last post threatened to be my last post but the comment by anonymous got me to thinking that my real problem is with expectations, not blogging. In the back of my mind was this comment I read somewhere that if a blog isn't updated every blank length of time then its dead. And I didn't want to be the owner of a dead blog. But almost dead? Like the scene (Princess Bride) with Billy Crystal. "There's dead and there's almost dead. Big difference."

With that in mind I started looking around and found quite a few interesting blogs that I hadn't noticed before and thought, well, if once in a blue moon is how often we blog, then so be it. I have always know I have to blog for me/us, and not for an audience, but as a writer I am very aware of audience when I write that is always lingering in my head. Getting back to writing from a more internal perspective would seem to be the key. Its worth a shot.

In our play world, a lot has been going on. We found a couple, or that is to say, we rediscovered a old pair of friends who, when we were much younger, we were very close to in a more traditional way. Now, like us, with the kids grown and most of the angst that goes with making a living diminished if not quite gone, we find that they think about things about the same as we do and crave the same things. Which includes swapping wives/husbands. Hey, works for us.

We just had our second WSW with them and its getting better with each experience. WSW, wife swap weekend, is the third derivative of all play experiences for us. MFF/FMF and MFM are both part of our history, and I do love them both, each for different reasons. WSW in no exception, it banishes the green monster that sometimes appears in FMF and seems a bit easier for VSK than MFM. MFM is really difficult so its really more like MF and M watching at a distance because if the M's are too close it might seem like MMF and that is a whole 'nother world. And not a fantasy I've entertained. Just sayin.

My crazy schematics aside, the fact that these friends also like sex makes it easy for our friendship to re blossom, as that is where VSK and I now stand. We like hanging with couples even if they aren't privy to our intimacies. We will sometimes meet a couple and there is that pause that says, "I wonder if they are swingers" and they might be thinking that too and we just let it slide because we really aren't into risking that just for the hell of it. But it seems likely that people know, and someday someone is going to ask us that question and boy will they be surprised with the answer, especially if our response, "are you guys?!" and their response "yes" lead to an interesting adventure. The world is changing. And not all of the change is bad I would say.

VSK really really liked her time with the Mr. and I have certainly enjoyed myself. As a cuck of sorts, I guess I fixate much more on what kitten gets than what I get. And she got a lot, including the opportunity to lead a novice down the garden path of playtime. I get awfully spoiled with Minx and kitten and the two of them basically treating me to whatever I want (and boy do I hunger for that) but its good to see VSK get nailed in just the way she wants it. Now I'm just a bit green, actually, and it feels good in a way. Makes my mojo jump. Pure energy at a time when I could use some.

Well, we are getting fired back up and this is the point of the whole sheebango. Staying fired up. In the words of one of my heroes let me just say: Good Times! Put those boots on and let's play.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About Done

This blog has run its course. Of course, it could run for some more time, but I'm frustrated with it. When we started off, we were at the edge of a precipice, trying to push off. Well, off we went and its been very very useful to write and document where we have come from and where we are now. And that is just the thing, we are no longer much interested in taking naked pictures and getting the exhibitionistic fervor of VSK up and running. She and I are now more into seeing people face to face and just being ourselves to the extent that the people in front of us can handle it. And since we have a large circle of people who can handle it, we don't really need the affirmation that this blog once provided us.

Since we once had fans, and since I haven't posted for ten weeks I imagine they are all on to greener pastures now, I will delay for a period of time maybe a day or maybe a month ending this blog. We may decide simply to change it in some way that will give us more freedom to explore the new avenues that we now find ourselves upon. I would like to write and not simply show off VSK and while I have done that in the past, I don't see that happening here. Maybe I am wrong. Email us or comment if you think that you can explain to us why we should continue to feed this blog. Don't be worried if what you say is not complimentary: truth is preferred. If you just want to see more dirty pics, send us an email and make it personal enough that VSK might want to comply. I love her, but she needs to "man up" and take care of her own laundry as far as blogging goes. I'm done. I think. And I am really grateful to all of you who commented, lingered, etc etc over the last couple of years. I learned a lot, and now I am putting it to use. Good Times!