Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bad kitten

VSK was a bad girl last weekend. I went to a college basketball game in the morning and she went to our favorite watering hole with a friend. Thing is, I was surprised that the two of them had gone, pleased but surprised, and after the game I went to the bar to lick my wounds from my team's tough loss. I encouraged our friend to come back to the house with us. I suggested she might want to entertain us, or him. Her response was, "oh, that's already been taken care of." Good girl. Wait, bad girl. I like hearing about it but I am a very visual guy.

When we did get back to the house we didn't really get a chance to get started and since he'd already had his fun, he was quick to go home. Later, alone I felt that she needed to be punished for her cocksucking transgression. So I blindfolded her, put on restraints, hooked her hands behind her back and eventually tied her face down with her legs spread apart on the bed.

I pulled out our paddle and proceeded to whack her until she stopped laughing (hard to be a dom when they laugh) and then fucked her good with our robotic dildo, one that has an up and down and rotation as well as a clit vibrating hummingbird. At first she seemed to resist but when she gets going it pure lust as she lets that thing fuck her deep and well. The damn thing is complicated and you never know, especially if she's face down, what this button or that button will do but I hit the rotate button at just the right time and her ass changed colors as I jammed it tightly into her fuck hole.

I had started the whole bondage thing by fucking her mouth with my cock before switching to the robo-fucker. Now I wanted my dick in her. I found that I could pull her hips up and this jammed her face into the bed, which allowed me to penetrate her as I took pictures of the moment. Remember, she had been a bad girl, which she does from time to time without warning. She says my cock is fine by her but my friend's big dick must stir her up a little. I'd like to see him fuck her again but who knows. She a slut who doesn't always want to admit that part of herself. My friend, like many of my friends, can see her dark little kernel of whorishness. Its like she's naked all the time.

To punish her correctly required more. Anal play is not something she goes for very often. But lubed up as much as she was she didn't really have any say in the matter. I slipped my cock rather quickly up her ass and she cried out "no" as I started to pick up my rhythm. She couldn't resist but complained and for a change I just fucked away and laughed at her. I admit, it was as far as I have ever gone with her, basically taking what I wanted and not caring if it hurt her a bit. I loved cumming in her ass like that and plan to do it again soon.

The reward for correcting the wayward kitten has been a good week of fairly respectful behavior from VSK. I'm thinking weekly training sessions for a while until I have the kind of responsiveness I desire. She still needs to suck my cock all the way to orgasm. I'm looking forward to getting things straightened out with the dirty little bitch.