Monday, April 30, 2007


Many moons ago my wife stopped enjoying giving head. Short story is that she rediscovered the joy in cocksucking by trying out different cocks. And as she has become more relaxed about this activity she has gotten better at it. The other night a friend stopped by and while we have played around many times with this fellow we are not primarily fuck buddies. So when the three of us are sitting around watching a movie there's this little dance that goes on whereby I watch the two of them play a waiting game of whether or not the clothes are coming off etc. On this occasion he and I just finally demanded she get naked and with this she zips off to the spa. And my buddy just sits there. "Go to the spa, man," I order, and he thinks about it. Took him like ten-fifteen seconds at least.

Traditionally in these moments it often takes a while to get things going and since I so enjoy catching her in flagrante delicto I figured I'd wait a bit. I cracked the slider after about ten minutes and they were talking normally and I figured I'd just go out. As I do so out pops my buddy and he's off. I figured that it had been too soon for him to have gotten his rocks off but to my delight she happily informs me that he was quick. Nothing makes her happier than making a guy go off without suffering jaw damage. And as she pointed out he was not drinking much, because he knows that only slows things down. Judging by his demeanor lately, I wager he really needed that blow job. And the fun I got the next morning (on top of the fun that evening) was something I needed. But that's another story.

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Dee's Husband Joe said...

Hey, this is a good start! Hope to read more about your adventures in the days and weeks ahead!