Monday, September 10, 2007

Big Love

The lexicon of our societies changing relationships is filtering down to our children. Between my lovely daughter mentioning that one of her friends is in a "polyamorous" relationship and my son asking me in a non-serious manner if his mother and I are "swingers" the kids do notice things, and not all of it is picked up at home. I asked my boy in return how he'd feel about his ma and me being as described and he said something to the effect of it being very positive. Yet I know that both his awareness of our ribaldry and his acceptance of are far from likely. Kids don't want to be singled out as being different, even as they want to be recognized for being unique and brilliant. Just like everybody else.

We've been watching the HBO show "Big Love" about the polygamous Mormon family of Bill, Barb, Nicki and Margene. The show is remarkably un-sexy, yet compelling in that it shows a family that is both oddball and illicit. It also shows a family that is loving and determined to do it their own way, consequences be damned. That resonates with me a little bit, maybe more, as I know that for VSK and I we don't want to be outed yet we will answer most folks honestly if we think they deserve the honesty. Not that anyone ever asks "are you guys in the lifestyle" but my son's question of course got me to think about when and if I should come clean with him. At 16 I don't feel like its time. We aren't breaking laws but then again we are not exactly the inward picture of propriety that we might appear to some on the outside. 'Course we aren't that far off either. The F-word in all its splendor is not unknown in our house.

Freedom seems to be something that exists only for those willing to break some sort of rules, and perhaps some sort of law. Many of the readers of this blog are really more interested in VSK's curves than thinking about anything like building a community of folks who refuse to submit to banality without a fight. Suburbia and its discontents is certainly a different blog than this but there are reasons why sexual experimentation is necessary in a world that is ruled by fear. Face the maw or be swallowed by it. And as much as I favor swallowing, I do not want to be only a meal for a world ruled by fear of the flesh. At some point I decided on writing things in here that were for more than titillation. Pardon me if I decide to hew to my better side. Back to the pulchritude on Thursday.


Hank said...

"Freedom seems to be something that exists only for those willing to break some sort of rules"

well said.
happy Tuesday to ya

bdenied said...

A little Puclchritude is good now and then. Our own kids have never inquired into what we do for extra marital activity and frankly don't have a clue as to how to respond. Ours )mine and hers) do not live at home as its just me and her. I really would not worry too much about what yours asked but I would wonder if they somehow got wind of your blog......