Thursday, October 25, 2007

Burned out Thursday

Just an update. We've been on a bit of a down slide as far as our efforts towards this blog. And besides that, the gods have tried to burn down the damn town we live in. Ya may have heard something about it in the news. All is well by us, sometimes it just seems like you have to take a break and reload and we are reloading. Thank goodness we are not going to have to be rebuilding. We know some folks who are going to have to do the latter.

One salacious tidbit. Watching the movie "Night of the Iguana" last night, VSK was wearing no panties and I found myself enjoying the easy access as we watched Richard Burton cavort and kvetch with Sue Lyon, Deborah Kerr and Ava Gardner. The movie was immensely entertaining, and while our friends were sitting on the nearby recliners they didn't get that VSK was orgasming from my ministrations while we were watching. Our fire evacuees crashed as did VSK, and I went upstairs and rather roughly pounded her. She wants it rough every once in a while. The bad air may have had something to do with it, or perhaps it was the vodka tonics. I'll try to have VSK pose in the green shorts she was wearing last night. Or out of them.


Hank said...

i hope the fires stay away from y'all.

if I get a vote... pics without the green shorts would be best. :)

bdenied said...

cant wait, welcome back and even us heathens have been praying for you guys out there.I gues there are no athesists in fox holes or fires.