Thursday, January 22, 2009

What to write

I have written recently about searching for some new blogs to read. I then leave comments on the ones I enjoy or find meaningful and honestly hope they might take a gander at CMVSK. Matt, over at "Tending the Fire," was nice enough to read over our old posts, pick one out and link it back in his latest post. Home run. I really like the joyfully sexual nature of his writing and the parallel perceptions I find he and his wife Brenda's life experiences. And for reminding me of that post I wrote last year which was full of frustrated rage at how folks didn't get a show like Swingtown that has now been cancelled, I thank him even more. Occasionally I get it right, and Matt reminded me of that. Thank you!

Knowing what to write is the essence of a "successful" blog and I don't know if I consider this blog that successful, if we are to judge by number of hits and links. I see that Shared Cindy is over 1 million hits and I am fucking blown away. I don't do things I ought to like "Sugasm" or post every other day or do every HNT, TMI Tuesday or wtf? I am not a very good "joiner" in of such things so CMVSK is going to continue to be what it is, whatever that is. I think of it as commercial free filth, with a little philosophy thrown it. And I think that I couldn't do it unless I got to address some sort of meat beside the pieces that VSK gets mounted by. Those are key, but I am convinced that there is a general trend in our American society toward greater flexibility and experimentation, and that this trend is a good thing. Anyone one who watched TV on Tuesday certainly saw an example of what some "flexibility" can bring to our lives. I know it moved and moves me.

Now to the pic, here's an oldy but a goody. A redo can be a good thing. Sorry, no clothes, its all nekkid Thursday at CMVSK.


Get8More said...

What the hell with pics like that you could go over a million easily.

An Artist Exposed said...

Wonderful pic :-)

Piper said...

For what it's worth, I think you are a sucess and the secret is being yourself, having your own style and being comfortable with it.

We don't do sugasm or HNT either but that's partly me and my strange desire to not follow the crowd. If it means less hits, so be it. It's just not me.

Steve and I both really like VSK and think you should keep doing what you're doing. You're one of our favorites.

I do agree though, that 1,000,000 hits is damn impressive and I'm happy for Shared Cindy. It's another great blog.

Bacon said...

No complaints here on for an all nekkid Thursday pic!

I think your blog will continue to do just fine with the words (and pics) you post with.

13messages said...

Your blog is always such a pleasure for me to read. No matter the numbers, thank you for what you share.

Greg and Sheryl said...

Shared Cindy is an elite blog within the sex-blogging community, so it's unfair to you to compare your blog to that one. You have a very respectable following, so you should be proud of what you've accomplished. It should also be noted that you are a very talented writer.