Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hot water

When Minx and VSK first met, it was under some duress. A fortuitous stream of events lead to me introducing the two of them, and its fair to say that both of them took a considerable plunge to move things forward. VSK was responsible for developing a scenario, involving blindfolds and tying them together and to the bed that ended up making the whole absurd moment work. This also involved rather copious amounts of vodka. Necessary then but now, not so much. Its better to do these sorts of things with a clear head.

Both of the little kittens have requested a reprise. I look forward in the near future to again having them submit to whatever torrid cruelties I can conjure. And then VSK will switch and I'll have to endure her scratching on another post. Or so I hope. Should make for an interesting time.


Get8More said...

You are the luckiest man in the world - both of these woman are so damn SEXY!

In this "hot water" picture which one is VSK and which is Minx?

vsk witness said...

Yeah, I'm lucky but you know what they say, you make your own luck. It helps that VSK (smiling) is so open-minded and playful. The lucky part is that I was smart to trust her desires over my own.

Pizza Boy said...

I would love to meet the "minx" and that sound like fun!!