Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So you go away for awhile, and the busy bees of social media end up challenging you.  Because they have to justify their neurotic, 20 something fucked up stupid little worthless corporate drone lives.  Because they think that us 50 somethings who don't live virtually need to be challenged with their daily insecurities.  Fuck you Google, and fuck the whining sound of people who think if we don't live by some sort of marketing shithole's view of reality, we are failing somehow.  There, I feel better.  Back to real pussy. 

I have been actually living and this blog is unreal.  Real in that it gives me some record of my rather amazing life.  Unreal in that the corporate drones have to fuck with it while I am out living and thereby make what I knew unknowable, technically speaking.  "Here you go old man, let's give you a new learning curve because we are the customer and you are simply a generic content provider."  Hey, I'd fuck you girlfriend way better than you every will pretty boy programmer.  But you don't view fucking as that important.  You have evolved.  Dumb ass.

So I don't like change for change sake.  I like change because it changes me.  I may finally come back to this blog but I'm changed.  I am going to roll with my venom. Why not?  Why the fuck not?  You wanna be me? You gotta roll. Roll hard.

Back to my queens.  God how I love them.  Dream hard, programmers.  Dream hard and be hard.  As if you could.