Thursday, April 24, 2008

HNT and fighting the good fight

VSK and I have our moments, just like any other couple. One problem comes from familiarity: "hey haven't we had this fight before?" The temptation is to not fight when the problem seems familiar. And yet if we don't state our positions, defend them, haggle and eventually make up it leave a residue of resentment. That residue will leave stains, let me tell you. I've seen the residue build up in many a friend's coupledom and eventually turn into something that can't be fixed. Replacement is required. That's not the idea, I don't think.

So this last week there have been moments when I want to come right on out of my skin. Lucky for me VSK is pretty good at using her skin to talk me off the edge of the cliff and back to some sexy sanity. Happier now and back in bed, and enjoying the good graces of a woman who manages to almost always fight the good fight. HHNT!


Hank said...

keep fighting that good fight
HHNT guys

Pizza Boy said...

You are BEAUTIFUL VSK, keep the great pictures coming.

Eve and Alex said...

It's funny, Eve will slowly build up a head of steam over my knuckleheadness over the course of about a year. Then she goes Mt St. Helens on me. Like clock work.

It takes about a week for the dust to settle...then we have volcanic sex. I love it. The slapping and pinching, gouging, and knees to the testicles...not so much.

We were thinking about your post on Swingtown. If it wasn't for the fact it is on broadcast TV we might think there would be some real interesting stuff to watch. We think it gong to be something like Desperate Housewives. YAAAAWNN.

We think our coterie of fellow bloggers (you two, to name names) live more interesting lives.

Keep up the posts. Love the blog.

Be cool.

One of us is off to the far east again. Ugh.


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