Friday, June 20, 2008

Absence makes the dick grow harder

I'm off for a little work trip, which means that the kitten and I will be apart for a little while. I'm sure that anyone who has been married for awhile or who's been in a LTR of some length knows that there are some interesting things that happen when you are away from your sweety. It is as if distance brings clarity. The last few weeks have been a bit rough on the two of us, not that we haven't been through rough before, but the rocky bits are real between us and we have to work hard to get past our conflicts and get back to communicating fairly and well. VSK has been her usual best, and we have been at each other like mink. And now I will be away from her for maybe two weeks and this always seems to be interesting. Grounding even.

When we were pups we called each other every night. We learned about phone sex. Now when I leave I fantasize about her "playing around" even though I have learned that this is unlikely. A couple of times in the past when I have gone away she has convinced me that she had/is having sex with someone. I find out later that my fantasy was just that, and perhaps this really doesn't matter. The few moments I get, convinced that I've been had are priceless. The reality doesn't necessarily take away from the imagination.

This trip will be interesting because I have some plans of my own. Not that I really expect that I will get anywhere with the woman I have been thinking about, but the potential is worth some sort of pleasure, in the mind of the beholder. It helps to remember that no matter what my "success" might be, I return to nirvana. I do realize how lucky I am. I will be counting my blessings every day.

Here's a little belated HNT. Best to everyone.


Pizza Boy said...

Two weeks huh? I'll keep VSK company.

vsk witness said...

I hope you do.

bdenied said...

Thanks for an insightful post. Fantasy can be wonderful but if powerful can be frustrating when it does not come to reality. Great photo of a hot wife......

J & S said...

She is hot.

We travel apart alot too, and we used to do the nightly phone call thing. But there came a time when it became more of a burden than fun so now we may go a couple of nights apart without talking.

One thing it does do: I really enjoy hearing her voice when we finally do talk!