Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hey there my friends! The problem with kids is that I depend on them for the advanced technical stuff. Well, them and the IT guys at work. But neither is really appropriate to ask for help in uploading pictures (althougth the IT guys would get a big . . . kick out of it) ! So, you will have to let your imagination run wild picturing me in a long shot, leaning back on the cream-colored couch, the green of the outdoors in the background, me wearing a smile and a flower lei. Okay, so it is late. I have had a couple (4) glasses of wine. I gave up on trying to find the cable to transfer the pics from the camera to my BRAND NEW LAPTOP. VSK witness is out of town, and so I was working on a crossword and a thread started in my head. What do you think? You know I love all of your comments! Take care.

P.S. Pizza Boy, lunch tomorrow? I have to work part of the day, call me mijo!

Object of my desire, oh how you inspire.
I watch, barely breathing, as you appear,
A smile ready on your lips, a playful comment emits.
I wonder, are you serious, do you really know what you are saying?
What if I call your bluff; what if you call mine?

You are lanky, sinewy, raw.
Untried, unused, unfettered.
Such energy, such disregard, such frailty, there, just below the bravado.

What is it that you want? What is it that I can offer?
Oh, and how I imagine, how I dream, how I can very nearly feel the all of you.
My breath, it is so shallow; I dare not want more.

I want to take you, teach you, treat you.
There is so much.
You are so . . . so young, and old, too.
You have been misused, misled, mistrusted.
You want…what? Do you know?

I want . . . what, do I know?
Primal, maternal, more than physical.
It is blurry, the lines of my desire;
Hot, warm, troublesome.

You leave your traces in so many places.
Do you even know?
Do you feel the heat? Do you hear the unsaid?
Can I feel you? Please?

You inspire.
My desire.


Pizza Boy said...

Let my imagination run wild..................ok done! Damn, I WANT the real thing!

An Artist Exposed said...

Shame about the missing pic - I love your contributions. Still, your description was quite enough to paint a picture in my mind.