Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What happens when the blogging stops

July has been an amazing month for us, and its not over yet. Without going into a blow by blow of every little and not so little bit of fun we/she have been having, suffice is to say that we are alive and very well. It must be the heat. Heat begets heat I guess.

Every day since July 4th, with three days off because I was out of town, VSK and I have managed to connect. And some of the connections have been beyond what either of us really expected. Its pretty interesting to be married to someone for over 20 years, think you have a pretty progressive sex life and then discover that you partner has another level that she's been saving for a rainy day. Or a hot day. And night.

The catalyst for this change was something I did, although I think I'll leave the details to VSK when and if she wants to discuss it. Intimacy should not be compromised by blogging. We are pretty frank, and we have not hidden the fact that we do fight about things, and struggle to communicate better. Our relationship hits rocky parts, although we firmly believe nothing will ever separate us. We got lazy earlier this year, fought quite a bit in May and June and figured out what was going on in July. And we can't get enough of each other now. Its fun to "rediscover" each other like this. I think most couples who do have successful relationships go through similar ups and downs.

We'll get back to posting, pics being what most folks want to see, rather than my pedestrian musings. But I thought a status report was in order. Thanks for reading.

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bdenied said...

welcome back been missing you