Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Wow, what a weekend. It is our wedding anniversary, 22 years. The kids went away for the weekend and we are all alone. Well, except for a while last night. A friend called that I/we haven't seen for quite a while. We invited him over. Before he arrived we set up candles and I put on a little sexy robe. When he arrived we did the little chit chat thing to get to a comfortable vibe. Did a little teasing and dropped my robe. Witness had the front row seat for observation and I completely enjoyed engrossing my self with our guest, he does does light me up and we all enjoyed our sexuality for a couple of hours. It was all about the raw physicality. Witness took played photographer; it is interesting to me what things he focuses on and what excites him. Also interesting is that both men are watchers and our guest wanted to watch me with my husband, which I did. One of my recurring fantasies is to be on my knees blowing one guy and another guy pounding me from behind, and it is so satisfying when I get to participate in that. I really had a great time. Unfortunately, our friend had to leave, if he had stayed I am sure we would have explored many things as we grew more comfortable with each other. Next time.

Now for the next morning. Witness woke up in quite a state and he felt the urge to "punish" me for my "transgressions" the night before. We have been dabbling in a bit of bondage and some rough sex play and I enjoy it. When he ties me up, I become so aware of my skin and key body parts and I get so aroused (as I am getting now thinking about it) and a whole new realm opens to us. Being bound I have to give myself completely to him. It is so fascinating to both of us to move into roles that we have not fully explored. Having been together for so long it is a big charge to learn new things about one another and ourselves.


Pizza Boy said...

What a lucky guy, I wish that was me looked like fun

bdenied said...

very nice indeed and Happy Anniversary,,,,,thanks for the hot photos again and thanks for sharing this marvelous post with us

Miss Honey said...

Happy Anniversary. What a perfect way to celebrate.

.ser infiel. said...

Wow, 22 years and the sex seems as great as great as mine at only 21 years! Why would you use a condom though? :tear:

Happy anniversary!! =D