Monday, December 8, 2008


When I first started down the path toward sexual experimentation, I found a blog, Naked Loft Party, that really impressed me. The writer, Lex, is really quite talented, and he and his girlfriend and now wife live quite an interesting existence in New York City. At first, I found much of his "sexual ideology" based on a somewhat biased masculinity, looking down on us cuckolds who got off on seeing our wives play. As VSK and I have moved along, Lex has moved toward more typical swinging and beyond his usual modus operandi, which usually consisted having his girl pull another woman into their orbit for them both to enjoy. Not that Lex didn't pull his fair share of women, but women seem more comfortable playing with a new man if another woman is available, whether it be simple proximity or something more.

VSK has a bit of the green monster in her, and its been a fairly long while coming for her to be open and interested in playing with another woman. This last weekend brought a visit from a little minx, and it solidified in my mind and hers a configuration that we feel most comfortable at the moment playing in. This is not to say that having another man around couldn't be fun, but men are somehow more difficult. Maybe we're just changing.

Saturday night we went out to a great restaurant. We had spent a nice afternoon in bed. I'm not a blow by blow writer, but I will say that nothing is more enjoyable for me than having one then another lover take turns on you, and having them both work to get you off. Some selfishness in the bedroom is not always a bad thing.

For the evening, I had VSK and the minx both wear the matching collars I had picked out befitting such proud felines, and because they weren't too ostentatious, most folks, including our server, seemed not to notice. After the meal we all needed to walk off a few calories and eventually ended up in a famous local bar. Finding a space at the corner, the two sat to my right, the minx in between VSK and I. The bartender was a Goldie Hawn doppleganger, in both looks and attitude, and we were soon rollicking thru some whiskey and singing along to the two piece band playing the 80's greatest behind us. VSK picked up a parasite within about four minutes, a harmless drunk on the way to a divorce. I eyed her wondering if she wanted rescuing, and the minx slapped his hand away from her a time or two, but in general she can handle herself. And then he saw her collar.

The effect the collars had on everyone who noticed them was amazing. The Harmless Drunk was stupidly fascinated, but it was the women who were most curious. When they walked off to the bathroom two young women approached them, and asked "what's with the collars?" VSK and the minx tried to tell them, "we're trying to start a fashion trend," to which the questioners responded, "no, really." Two women sitting across the bar from us spotted our triad and it was amusing to see first some disgust on their faces turn into a new emotion, their focus on my partners relentless. A couple sat next to me on my left, and I was elevated to even a higher plane as the beautiful wife on my left started chatting with me. Her husband hadn't noticed the collars and interestingly grabbed the chain around her neck and twisted it slightly. I tapped him on the shoulder and then turned and gently put my finger through the ring on the minx's collar. "You need one of these."
This was interesting, watching other minds churn with possibilities. And then the husband noticed that VSK had a collar on and it was all over for him. He had been standing the whole time we had been drinking there, and his wife got up to go to the bathroom at about the time he noticed the collar(s). He was literally stunned, and had to sit down. I'm not sure what his actual words were but it was something on the line of "no way." The girls laughed, and at some point we sealed the deal with me first kissing VSK, then the minx and then they each other. I guess it was showboating but we just didn't give a damn. We were giddy and warm with each other and the couple on our left, plus the HD's somewhat pathetic pawing just knocked down our inhibitions. The wife to my left was casual about the whole thing, and I found that I really liked our new friends, my never ending search for converts to the cause now aroused by the possibility of connecting somehow with them. I excused myself and her husband said to the girls, "this is the greatest night ever." I was content to find them gone after I got back from the bathroom, leaving us to say goodbye to their friend of who had joined our little group at the tail end of our evening at about the time the veil was coming off our little scenario. Perhaps he put it best when as we left he simply said, "I wanna go where you're going."


13messages said...

That was an intriguing read. Thanks for sharing people's reactions to the collars.

bdenied said...

if there was a cuckolding element to your relationship, my thoughts are that it has ended and a new beginning has been launched

Miss Honey said...

I am near to dizzy with the sexiness and all the players in the fun evening. Makes me wish I was at the bar with a martini in hand and someone in the other hand.

I have added your fun blog to my blogroll so I can keep up on all the lovely fun the three (or more) of you have.

Pizza Boy said...

You guys have all the fun, I wish VSK or Witness had given me a call to join in, maybe next time