Monday, December 15, 2008

The Minx's Perspective

VSK here: Last weekend was so comfortable, wonderous, pleasing and fun. Walking the streets together after dinner we could feel the love in the air. One couple wandering about in front of us even turned and asked "so, how many people are going to make love tonight? 20% you think?" It was an amusing and interesting question, and of course we three gave them that knowing smile; emitting that "let's make it so" vibe. So entrancing! And so connecting.

We have a guest writer for our post tonight. Our own little sexy minx did a bit of journaling and has graciously agreed to let me share her words. I very much love the sensual way in which she retells our lovely encounter that foggy, stay-in-bed morning and I really enjoyed reading it in her voice, hearing her insights, feeling the warmth all over again, simply feeling. Left me breathless, as she frequently does! Please enjoy--

"I woke to see the first light of morning slowly illuminating our room. Hearing their soft breathing next to me, I knew they were still asleep...but I couldn't sleep anymore. Not wanting to wake them, I let my mind wander back to the night before. My memories were more sensual than visual, remembrances of touches and embraces than of images. I drifted, content..."

"Half-sleeping/dreaming, I heard Witness move and then felt him leave the bed. VSK stirred a little, making a sweet sound - half moan, half sigh, and I smiled to myself but kept still. I could hear Witness moving around in the bathroom - then sleepily stumbling back to the bed which dipped a little as he climbed back in, and I could feel him slide his body over Kitten's. I finally turned my head and found him staring at me with that look - that very devilish look I had hoped to see. "You awake?" Kitten murmured to him, her eyes still closed. But I could see her body undulating towards his. He rubbed himself against her like a snake."

"'How could I sleep with two beautiful, naked women in bed with me?' he said softly. I giggled. I saw his eyes wander over my breasts, and instinctively arched towards him. But he knew not to touch, not yet. Last night I had been hungry for sensation, and had eagerly sought mouths, tongues, cock, pussy - but this morning I wanted to live out another fantasy. I wanted to watch."

"I don't know that my friends have any idea how much I enjoy being voyeuristic, but I've always been a visual person - and this was a sight to behold. As Witness began to kiss his beautiful VSK, I turned on my side to watch. I loved the sight of his tongue invading her pretty pink mouth, the sounds she made as he kissed her roughly. He moved down and sucked on one pert little nipple, making it hard and extended - amazingly sexy to me. Down he went, until at last he buried his face between her legs. I gasped to see his tongue lick just below that small tuft of blonde hair, and to hear her moan simultaneously. God, this was turning me on. It was as if I could feel everything that she was feeling, every lick and suck. Witness's eyes were riveted on Kitten's face, and I turned to look - she was stunning. Head thrown back, mouth open, eyes squeezed shut in absolute pleasure. I realized I had turned on to my back, and was mimicking Kitten's body movements as if they were my own. Entranced by what I was seeing, I was suddenly surprised to feel Kitten's hand between my legs. I opened, and she rubbed my clit slowly - eliciting a true moan from me. I saw Witness's eyes rove from her to me, back and forth, obviously enjoying the show he was getting. He moved suddenly, rising up and mounting her. Kitten's hands continued to fondle me as he started to pump his hard cock into her pussy. His cock looked so good, glistening wet from her juices as he pounded. Oh, god, I thought, I'm gonna cum..."

"He slowed then, his thrusts more languorous as he looked at Kitten's hand on me. 'Is she ready?' he whispered to her, as if I were just a plaything laying there for their enjoyment (I was). I was so wet I was dripping."

"'Oh, she's ready...' she smiled."


whatStevesays said...

I like thw way she told her side. It would be nice to get everyones perspective.

Very erotic!

ausallblack said...

i just found your Blog Via steve's its seriously ,seriously erotic and I will have to work my way back through your posts reading this one gave me such a raging hard on :)

vsk witness said...

Ah, it took a while but what great comments! Thanks guys! I will be having another little outing, inning and outing I guess, with the minx and vsk in a few days. I'll try to get something worth posting out of it!

Get8More said...

I would love to have this experience with MY MRS and the MINX!