Wednesday, March 4, 2009


VSK, the Minx and I had another memorable evening last week. We took a little trip to a swing club, which while fun was pretty anti-climatic. We didn't interact with any of the other couples and being a triad probably explains that. Also we couldn't or didn't have any conversations with the other folks there because the music really sorta prevented it. But it was fun, relaxing even.

VSK still has little flashes of jealousy, but I find that I respect her more for being honest about this rather than trying to tough it out. At the club I was paying more attention to the Minx briefly and her old green demon took over. It lasted all of five minutes and she was back to abusing the stripper poll. As I think about this, I realize that she is getting past her jealous inclinations as fast or even faster than I did when she started being with other men. I really don't get jealous at all, 13 years down the road but she isn't even really past her first year. I actually do get flashes of green but at this point its a bonus rather than a distraction.

VSK and I may try another swing club, soon even. She wanted to interact and at one point at the club a good looking couple sat near us, and the woman commenced giving her man a bj. I wasn't paying attention, and I think at one point I was getting head from the minx and I'm not sure why VSK was moaning but so was the woman. Talk about a great stereo! Anyway we have been talking about giving Freedom Acres a go for years and now it seems pretty likely we will. I admit that does make me a bit nervous. VSK is likely to be a very bad kitty in the right setting after a couple of drinks.

Bottoms up!

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Nice photo......which one to do first hmmmmmm