Sunday, March 22, 2009

Half-nekkid Sunday

The time, it just goes by. Big plans for this weekend became small plans as the weekly weight of shit to do grew to "no can be carefree" proportions. Last weekend was the same, the major accomplishment being a clean closet and enough clothes tossed in the Amvet's bin to equip a platoon. The highlight in the clothes lost but now found category was a black negligee which had gone missing that we bought in Portland and a Queens of the Stone Age wife-beater T emblazoned with the slogan, "I'll give you a night you'll never remember." This weekend I sold some fish and a couple of geckos I smuggled on to the mainland many moons ago, watched my college team crush its opponent in the NIT, scared our new cockatoo out of a tree after it tried to go Houdini on us, made love on the floor in front of the fireplace after re-watching Sex in the City the movie (since VSK passed out half way through the first attempt watching it Friday night), and rode back from breakfast on our bikes in the rain because we slightly misjudged the weather pattern. And yes, we took some new pics for the blog because we care about our readers. Granted, you all might not always make the top five but I swear to Bhudda, you make the top ten. Or so. Happy Sunday!

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Pizza Boy said...

Every pic is number# 1 with me!!!