Tuesday, April 21, 2009


VSK and I took a risk when we first said "I do" over twenty years ago. And we've taken numerous risks over the years, from children to mortgages to this blog, as a team. Given that she and I have rather different communication styles, demeanor, interests (we share the sex interest big time) histories, childhoods, affinities, roles, whatever, its through our sharing of experiences that we continually build our relationship. It could be said that a relationship that's not growing is shrinking, but that's a little too simplistic for declaration. Sometimes our affair of the heart gets shunted aside for the affairs of the married life, and there are certainly ups and downs. Right now we are back to creating new memories and friendships, rolling the dice to see what might come up.

Minx certainly has risen to the top of our mutual list. Our most recent overnighter was relaxing, sensual, and at times hilarious. We usually come out of each meeting with one sharp moment of lucidity, one that lingers as a phrase in our minds that we can call up in our mundane moments for our benefit. I won't necessarily share these exact thoughts as they are our private coin of the realm, but I imagine this is what the intimacies of all who play experience from time to time. Its our private OZ, an unreal reality separate from the day to day. Will such an escape demand to see the light of daily practice? Could we or do we all want to live in a different world than the habitual one we've each built over years of investment? I don't think I am anywhere near an answer. At the moment our oddball status quo seems to work. Each of us seems content, connected and invested in further exploits.

Here's a pic of Minx and VSK. You can imagine the blurry quality is an artifact of not only a shaky hand in poor light, but a hazy reality of buzzy erotic satiation. Something like that. My women rock. I am ridiculously well off right now, economic crisis be damned.


13messages said...

You are indeed well off. Keep having big fun.

Pizza Boy said...

I hope VSK returned the favor!!

Sexy PTA Mom said...

You do sound like a very lucky man! Of course, you two are lucky to have each other to explore and grow with.