Thursday, May 7, 2009

HNT: back pain

VSK is a hurting pup this morning. Something to know about MILFs, they are somewhat more fragile than their cousins, the yet to reproduce youngster. It seems logical to me that one thing that might straighten her out would be a enormous cock. I admit, I'm not quite enormous. I could use some help. Any volunteers?


13messages said...

I'm not enormous either, but perhaps if we put our heads together... :)

Seriously, I admire her beauty so much. Your photos of her are always so nice.


Get8More said...

She is SO GORGEOUS I hope she feels better soon, I willingly offer my services (but only for her welfare). ;)

Pizza Boy said...

Is this a trick question witness??????? I will always volunteer.

minx said...

awww...poor kitty. maybe she needs a nice lickin' instead... ;-)