Friday, May 15, 2009

Too late for HNT

VSK has been sending me a lot of fun text videos lately. Watching her play with herself is a blast for me, and she and Minx tried to pull one over on me yesterday as I am out of town. That the two of them think it great fun to tease me with threats that they are having a not so secret rendevous makes me crazy with happiness. And kitten is all on fire because she has some secret plans for real. She may not admit it, but she is looking forward to some strange cock. Maybe not strange but not my cock. Man, that really turns me on.

Lately I have been fantasizing about using VSK as a pussy for hire. How much do you think I could get for her? I mean, how much would a video of her doing whatever you desire be worth? I think the point is not to make coin, its the boundary violated. Ordering her to do things is such a blast, and doing it for strangers is doubly so. My brain is kinked. This is a perfect shape for it.

Here's a pic, and maybe I'll post a vid soon. More for me than you. But you may very well enjoy, no?

1 comment:

Matt said...

Hmmm, the dominant aspect of ordering Kitten into "service" is definitely intriguing! Do these fantasies turn her on as much as you, (and apparently, me!)?

You've left me craving more detail, man... let's have it, please! As you know from my blog Brenda and I play with dominant themes as well, but we've never tried this one out!