Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mid-week dump

Well I certainly could have thought of a better title no doubt, but this is what I got. VSK has been sending me some pictures lately as I have been travelling here and there. Pardon the resolution, the graininess. The boobs, however, are outstanding imho.

I've been asking and getting shots from both the little vixens. They even send each other pics, which warms the cockles of my demented heart. They conspire. They plan. They may even be conniving. All this is pure joy to prurient brain. They scheme and by doing so they feed me a kind of power, ammo if you will for my top side to exhibit when next I get them in my clutches. That date has been planned and I am counting the days with relish and a type of wolfish glee that suffuses VSK and my love-making with tendrils of flickering lust and desire. Not a bad place to be, psychologically speaking.
VSK and I have been talking lately about the switch, being the switch, switching back and forth between hunted and hunter, between the lamb and the lion, cuckold and sadistic rake. I personally think that there is something that both cools yet sharpens my erotic side that I can move from one to another. Last night while she pleasured me she hissed about how she'd sucked another man off that day (fantasy-for now) and answered with strong affirmation how she'd cheat on me again. That does rile me pretty good, and some make a full sexual living off of that freak. But when I tie her up, or with the addition of the minx, both of them up, I get another quite papable power that I can use to my advantage. And what man doesn't like, even if they may not essentially thrill to it for purposes of freakish advantage, being serviced like a sultan in his harem? Even those who would disapprove in some pc universe that a man should ever have such service would have to admit it something he would desire. Oh, I do. I really do.
One last note. A while back while I wasn't looking, we went over 100,000 views. I thank you out there, lurkers and especially those who comment, for the fine audience you are. She'll keep practicing her compositions as long as there are folks like you who enjoy the effort.


Get8More said...

She must not know the power she has over us - her followers who long to see more of her in action...

Pizza Boy said...

Who doesn't enjoy your post?