Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Polka Dots

Witness is away on yet another business trip. Happily, this one takes him to the hometown of our sweet Minx. The two of them, with my blessing, will spend an evening together. I wish them a night of wild abandon! I will be heading to the area tomorrow, and Minx will join us for a special weekend with wine tasting, soaking in natural-fed mineral hot springs and some tender, loving care (great mutual sexploits). I am so excited with anticipation, just typing this makes my nipples erect and my loins pulsate!

I have discovered a way to wrestle with that little green monster (jealously). I just need to be “distracted” for a bit! Sunday night a long-time friend and occasional physical player joined me for a swim and more. It proved to be a delightful evening, even if it was cut a little short by the unexpected early arrival of the daughter (yikes, good thing I had a ready excuse for his visit). Monday night Playmate came…over for some contact. I do enjoy sucking the come out of him, and he really produced for me. Usually, we have to be quite sly as the kids are about, but we were all alone, and we made good use of the time. It was fun and chummy. The best part was the phone sex with Witness each night as I recounted my adventures and encouraged him (and myself) to climax.

I very nearly had a third at bat with a special work acquaintance, but the logistics just couldn’t be worked out. We certainly had some fun texting (or sexting as I think it is now called) into the night. I was in quite a frenzy and I’m sure the electric bill will reflect my wild night of fantasy and self-satisfying activities (naughty kitty with her toys). Workmate is one man I really want to add to my stable (geez, does that sound crass?). I have a rain check to look forward to and I sure as hell hope I can keep up the nerve and follow through. Today we discussed opportunities to engage at work, but decided (wisely so) that this would be way too risky, especially since we want to remain employed. Anyone have work-related tryst stories to share?

How do you like my new bra and panties? I picked them up at that little lingerie shop in Portland. I went there for just a bra to match a gift of panties and little skirt Witness had purchased (he got a matching set for Minx). The proprietress is so friendly and can size up a person very well. She gets you into her dressing room and then just starts handing beautiful, sexy little things in for you to try. It really is a great place! Witness and I had wanted to go in together just to see how she would handle it since it had just been a week since he was there (I’m sure she would have been completely professional), but the store was closed at the time.

Happy HNT y’all! Love, hugs and kisses!


Hubman said...

That is a very cute bra and panty short set and you look great!!!

Happy HNT!

Pizza Boy said...

How do I get in on this action? Can I be a plaything? Or even better a "boy toy" NIce outfit by the way!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the bra and panties.
Wish you lived closer.

Mnx said...

Ooo, I can't wait to see that in person...purr...