Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two for Tuesday

Been traveling a lot and enjoying a bit of free time in between appointments. We both have found that we really like Portland, Oregon. Maybe next time we go up we'll find a swing club. We had a great time with Minx a few weeks ago and should be seeing her again in a couple weeks. Its a interest privledge to travel in this day and age, waking up and thinking, "where the heck are we?" And those days where you start in one state and end up in another (literally and figuratively) can become sublime moments of reflection. We have a pretty great existence.

If VSK and I go two days without sex, it seems like a month lately. This morning she said, "I'd really like to have sex again." Let's see, she gave me a stunning hand job Saturday, we had sex both days this weekend, and we probably took Friday off due to the monthly visit. Ok, so I guess I'm going to have to put out tonight. Sheesh!

PS. Trying some stuff with exposure and cropping. Hope you like.


Pizza Boy said...

I almost feel sorry for you witness............almost

Get8More said...

Oh poor poor you...

yeah right!

my word verification is "bitie"

imagine that!