Thursday, September 17, 2009

Have a drink on me HNT

I've noticed some of the more popular bloggers, in terms of content, basically reprint the lyrics to some song they like and then show us a nice pic of their best cheese and viola, a lot of lonely guys tell them how damn good looking they are and before you know it, they got 40 comments. As a comment whore myself, this sorta grates on my nerves, given that as man I 1)usually don't really want to know the lyrics to the latest Nickelback song (shit, I'm sure they are great and damn last night I found myself enjoying a Rascal Flatts!!! song on America's got talent . . . probably because of the use of dangerous chemicals and the Mark West Pinot Noir pictured below) and 2) you don't really want to see me wearing a crotchless catsuitin a picture taken from a camera with vaseline smeared all over its lens. And I sure as hell don't think I want lonely men writing about how they would dig to see that, now do I? So, grumpily I think I just leave you alls (all eleven of you) with a snippet of AC/DC (more weird rumblings deep in my psyche thinking about my song choice after the ramblings above) some Mark West and my wife's tits, covered in polkadotty fabric. Its fucking Thursday. That's almost Friday which is basically the weekend. Rock on!


Matt said...

Witness, I had to laugh... a little bit with you, and a little bit at you:)

I sympathize about wishing for meaningful comment; HNTs always seem to draw quite a few comments (not that that is bad!) but when you're exposing your soul in your posts, it's nice to know it matters to at least some folks by comments they leave.

Now on the other hand, (ahem)... you lucky SOB, there are approximately 17.3 million men in the US (yes, I checked) who would give their left nut to be in your shoes between VSK and Minx.

Glass half full... :) btw, feel free to shove this back in my face next time I whine.

vsk witness said...

17.3 million would like to be in a menage a trois? I'd like to see your research!