Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Knowing that its unlikely that I will be posting tomorrow, I thought I'd take a moment to be ahead of the curve for a change. Now this is no HNT post, its rather better than that. This particular picture was taken for my benefit, that is, I'm not this big. And with any kind of luck this type of behavior may repeat itself this weekend. At heart, all my roosterish pride aside, I get a big thrill out of VSK's seducing or using or being used by another man. Bigger than the menage a trois you might ask? Not bigger or smaller, ahem, just different. With men its more pure sex I suppose, it gets to something kind of primal for me. I like sharing her, and it usually, if not right then and there two guys banging away, just a matter of hours before I get whatever she gave away. These little mementos I get are kinda key but even if its just her telling me the stuff she did its all good. Practice makes perfect. She might not be perfect but she's very, very good. Have a great weekend!


Get8More said...

You are such a lucky man (and SHE is such an AMAZING woman)!

Pizza Boy said...

If you ever do a post for "small" I'd like to volunteer to that picture. Thank you in advance.

Bacon said...

Ah yes...the artifacts from her playtime are a big part of the enjoyment for me as well. I know all too well those feelings. And a great pic there!

(I'm looking for one of those myself from Lettuce and John soon - although I've been getting plenty of good videos recently - yum!)

Matt said...

You're teasing us! Spill the beans, man... what were the circumstances of this pic?

Emma Kelly said...


For us, photos of the crimes have been a crime in themselves. We so enjoy looking through the evidence after the fact.


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