Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year End(s)

Ah,that's too easy. Its been a very very interesting year, 2009. And 2010 promises to be ever more interesting. I've got a pile of major projects coming at me, like baboons on crack, that'll I'll need to dodge and weave through if I am going to make the progress I have in mind. We are planning several rendevous with Minx in the coming year and that does much to take the pressure off. So here's to another great year and more rear to come. Something like that. And happy HNT while I'm at it.
Oh, btw, the song lyrics are from Ian Dury. I'll come up with something less obscure next time.


mnx said...

vsk does have such a lovely backside...(sigh)

Pizza Boy said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to both of you. Here's hoping I see more of both of you in 2010

vsk witness said...

Uh, is the backside you think it is, minx?!!