Friday, February 26, 2010

Truss . . . t.

It takes a lot of security to make a modern relationship work. The good old days weren't so good for women, and the smallishness of much of ancient life made privacy and fairness a rarity rather than a norm. It takes a lot for a woman such as VSK, who really takes no foolish shit in her daily life to allow me, in a fit of visual lust to put her ass on the line. Granted, the image I had in mind was even more humiliating in a way, with all limbs tied together as one. But I didn't want to damage her. As it was, I didn't really plan on fucking her for as long as this situation lasted, but she was purring and grateful afterwards. She's really not that much of a submissive, either that or she really needs more discipline that I'm comfortable dishing out. As it was, we reached that fine high place of complete connection, where every little movement speaks its flithy mouth and we end up screwing as gods. Or so my cock told me, drunk as he was, on her intoxicating quim. Have a great weekend!


Get8More said...

You have one hell of a lucky "drunken cock" - what I would not give for just a small taste of the intoxicating pussy!

Pizza Boy said...
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Pizza Boy said...

Hello Pussy Gato!!!!