Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About Done

This blog has run its course. Of course, it could run for some more time, but I'm frustrated with it. When we started off, we were at the edge of a precipice, trying to push off. Well, off we went and its been very very useful to write and document where we have come from and where we are now. And that is just the thing, we are no longer much interested in taking naked pictures and getting the exhibitionistic fervor of VSK up and running. She and I are now more into seeing people face to face and just being ourselves to the extent that the people in front of us can handle it. And since we have a large circle of people who can handle it, we don't really need the affirmation that this blog once provided us.

Since we once had fans, and since I haven't posted for ten weeks I imagine they are all on to greener pastures now, I will delay for a period of time maybe a day or maybe a month ending this blog. We may decide simply to change it in some way that will give us more freedom to explore the new avenues that we now find ourselves upon. I would like to write and not simply show off VSK and while I have done that in the past, I don't see that happening here. Maybe I am wrong. Email us or comment if you think that you can explain to us why we should continue to feed this blog. Don't be worried if what you say is not complimentary: truth is preferred. If you just want to see more dirty pics, send us an email and make it personal enough that VSK might want to comply. I love her, but she needs to "man up" and take care of her own laundry as far as blogging goes. I'm done. I think. And I am really grateful to all of you who commented, lingered, etc etc over the last couple of years. I learned a lot, and now I am putting it to use. Good Times!


Anonymous said...

I think you have more people that love your blog than you think ( do what's best for you)

Pizza Boy said...

I for one would be sorry to see you not blog anymore, even though we have a past together I always enjoy reading your post, it was something to look forward to when a new post came out, in fact I even said samething to VSK about it.

I vote that you continue, but you have to do what you want. Hope to read you soon!!

The Lusty Texan said...

I just stumbled across your blog a few days ago. It's going to take me for than a few days to read through it, so I hope you don't close it down too quickly!

Anonymous said...

The other day I was feeling so lousy that when a friend offered his hand I had to decline. What was only flirting with me might really get a hold of someone else. A high potential price to pay for a handshake. But the thought of someone else, is just as honorable as a handshake. We do what we must and we interpret our surroundings in ways that best serve us.

This blog definately serves me. There's a reality to it that helps keep me grounded when I'm exploring my own thoughts. I like to think that something of the countless emails, forum posts, articles, blogs, etc that I've put out there lets other people ground themselves. It's corny but the idea of having any positive impact on a person is valuable to me. If I blogged or didn't blog, but one person took something from it, I feel good to be a human among other humans.

I say drop expectations and commitments. Do it when you want to. Don't do it when you don't want to. That concept is as real is the content of the blog, and should be seen as such.

Mr Mrs Manic Depressive said...

We're gonna miss you if you leave, but, it's your decision. We wish you well and all the best whether you stay or go. Take care!