Friday, November 5, 2010

Its a wrap

No, we are not quiting, although it would be hard to quit something that we spend so little time on. Sometimes its just not the first thing that we think about, this blog, and the stories we tell. More and more I'm thinking that is the right way. But its still nice to have an outlet for every once in a while.

Couple nights ago, we sat down to watch some bad T.V. and I thought, well, a vibrator can only make things better. VSK is addicted to her vibrator. If you offer it too her she will almost never turn it down. Moreover, when I went to plug it in she pointed out that it was better if I plugged it into a different strip, basically reminding me that this is something she does when I'm gone. By the second show she was on the floor buzzing away. Within about 2 or 3 minutes she is usually completely ready to go. I like to shove my cock down her throat as she does this, which serves two purposes; gets me ready an makes her even sluttier. I know she's in a state when she gets down on all fours. We have carpet that bites so we have to throw down a blanket or she be busted at work the next day with rug burns on her knees and in this case, elbows too. The view from this evenings activities was just what I needed. And the sounds that come out of my wife when she's getting it like this are such a delightful soundtrack. A couple hard slaps on the ass just to make the pony buck and its a rodeo. Finally, add the image in my mind of all the other guys who have rode the horse this way and its a cuck & fuck happening. Dandy fun indeed.

About a month ago I came back from a trip with an idea, like I often do and executed it to perfection. If you haven't tried bondage with saran wrap, you should. I guess I was inspired by Dexter or something. I put missy on a chair at the foot of the bed and put her bracelets on. After tying her to the bed I wrapped her to the chair. By the time I got to actually torturing her she was just dripping. Her clit was so engorged it stood out double its normal size and she couldn't hide it from me. I toyed with shaving her for a bit but finally I just needed my release and we ended up on the bed instead of tied to it. The shaving became a request demand from me and she's shorn her lips which gives her cooch a real outstanding visage. Highly recommended for proper pussy licking access and general slatternliness. I just got a new camera so I'll be photoing soon this new look.

Got some fun planned in the next month so I'll probably be back her sooner rather than later. Have a great one folks!


Pondering said...

If you find you don't feel like writing lengthy posts may I suggest Tumblr? My original blog was languishing for the same reasons. I alway come back to blogger to read the more in depth personal posts but Tumblr is a lot of fun.


Cooper Beckett said...

I just have to say how refreshing it is to see a photo of a girl with some pubic hair. Nice to know that the trend is swinging back to what I like! =)

OLSguys said...

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