Sunday, December 12, 2010

One plus one

Its been three months since we have been three together. I would like to see miss Minx more often than that but how could I possibly complain given my situation? Isn't that the funny part of being so ridiculously blessed as I am? "I want more" is the American addiction. Lately I've managed to take the lessons of rehab to heart and avoided the jones. 'Course it always helps to see the little Minx.

Our play has become more predictable, which is actually a very good thing. VSK gets me going, mouth then pussy and then she hands me off to fuck miss Minx. Ms. Minx had forgotten her medicine so just to be a bit safer I pulled out at climax. VSK made some rude comment about where my spunk had ended up and I ended up between the two vixens, wondering if there was a way to bottle the delicious liquid moment.

I took some pictures and I'll try to give you the best of what I shot but every single shot was blurry. New camera and I are not communicating yet. I'll keep trying, I'm sure you don't mind blurry pics of the kittens. Gives you more room to fantasize. Less is more, one plus one. And one.


Get8More said...

Nope - no call to complain about your life...

Pizza Boy said...

Nice ass VSK!!! I miss you