Friday, July 20, 2007

Facedown Friday

Ah, getting ready to go to a wedding, and a work trip and a vacation and where is the damn camera anyway? I'm lacking in new material, but then I find a little chestnut here and there and figure, what the hey, this will work. VSK has been rallying lately and we've managed to knock it out four times this week I think. The sex we had last Sunday was pretty hysterical in that we are both suffering from various sporting injuries. Geriatric sex. Its hard to get into some forceful fucking when you have a groin pull, let me tell you.


bdenied said...

Thanks for the email and posted comment to my blog. I appreciate it. comment often......I will link your blog to mine

Eve and Alex said...

Just linked VSK blog to ours.

Now if I could just get Eve in front of the camera too.


Blissfully Wed said...

Sad to say that we can totally relate. ;)

Finally added you to our links. Not sure how I forgot to do that. I love your blog.