Monday, July 2, 2007

Vacation Blues

VSK the kids and I had a near perfect vacation in the Pacific Northwest last week. River rafting, hiking, sight-seeing, great meals and silly fun with my best friend's family. I say near because the one thing you don't get with these two family vacations is privacy. And without privacy the side of us you see here is somewhat muted. Hey, we had some pretty winning moments although the damn bed we had squeaked like a mouse army. The highlight as far as these things goes was VSK and me visiting a upscale lingerie store in Portland. It was great fun as I got to sit in a nice comfy chair, drink wine and have VSK change into about a dozen different outfits. This is one of the winners that came home with us.


Hank said...

very sexy

I need to take Peggy to a store like that.

vsk witness said...

Hey Hank, it makes for agreat date! VSK